PCHSearch&Win Hits It Out of The Park!

Baseball season is just around the corner! So it’s time to get your game face on and batter up! In my small town–home of the Long Island Ducks®, a championship Minor League team and their state-of-the art ballpark–the air is crackling with excitement! Local media events are rousing team spirit, thousands of tickets have already been sold, and everyone’s gearing up to root for their favorite players. My best friend loves the Ducks, but she can’t wait for the opening of Major League season. I bet it’s much the same with you. But when you can’t get to a big league stadium, what do you do?

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Get a hit with PCHSearch&Win! Let’s face it: The price of season tickets for Major League baseball is off the wall. And when it comes to scoring seats, even the hardest working fan can sometimes strike out. That’s when PCHSearch&Win can step up to the plate! Put this powerful search engine to work finding affordable alternatives, like local Minor League, college, high school, and even little league games. Your baseball-loving  friends will thank you when you find a game close to home! PCHSearch&Win could also help you locate baseball-related events for the whole family. Imagine taking your littlest fan to meet the home team mascot. Smiles all around!

Score big with your friends! Want to impress your pals with your knowledge of player stats and baseball history? Or do you simply want to learn more about that all-star player? PCHSearch&Win puts the facts at your fingertips! And for someone new to baseball (like me), learning the lingo is key to enjoying the game. Even if you can’t rattle off the World Series® winners, by using the power of PCHSearch&Win, you could learn to follow the in(ning)s and outs!

Go to the videotape! Miss the big game? Fuhgeddabout it! Go to PCHSearch&Win to catch up on scores and  watch video recaps. Use it to find live games on TV. A few clicks will also tell you how to get great giveaways and team merchandise, like ball caps and t-shirts. (I get a kick out of those baseball bobbleheads!) Speaking of giveaways, remember, every day you search online with PCHSearch&Win, you’ll be entered for a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize® with your first search and get chances to win instantly!

It’s a home run! Quick, spot-on search results and a chance to win cash and prizes? PCHSearch&Win hits it out of the park!

Happy searching!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. Cheer them on! Who’s your favorite national or local baseball team, and how do you support them? Share the love in the comment space below!

8 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win Hits It Out of The Park!”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Good evening, I want win Ten Million and knock it out of the baseball park.

    1. Carla M Antee says:

      Givaway 4900

  2. I hope I win the$5,000.00 A week for life. I could live alot better.

  3. wendywilburn says:


  4. Kanika Loeung says:

    I don’t have any my favorite national or local baseball to support. Its no matter, I can support all the players. I like to watch all kind of sports, its have so much fun and also it make me improving my visions! My favorite one is to play tennis.

  5. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Boston Red Sox of course. The only way we support them is to watch and cheer them on when they are aired on TV or buy clothes/memorabilia which are mostly birthday or Christmas presents…

  6. Sandra Zaragoza says:

    My favorite team all the way is LA DODGERS me my husband and my son we are die hard dodgers fans all the way blue all the way I can’t wait to see them play in la

  7. When talking about the kind of sport that there is a relationship with my balls so to speak almost as well as the location of the lay far from the stadium (only in the provincial capital and the country) I also like the lack of interest in this sport. I love table tennis (but no longer practice). So that I can describe, I do apologize for the villagers in a small town inland island of Bali. Far from the crowds or noise. Natural fresh and cool air. So every day only primary activities are: work, eat and rest. Therefore I am Muliyani Made with the initials MM Giveaway 1830 many opportunities online to make PCHSearchAndWin and win $5,000.00 Every Week For Life on May 31st, except the last week is less healthy because it comes from the prayer out of town and the location on a hilltop. And commenced on 1 April of this to activity search here remember the event at time 11 until 12 I was hindered by the activities of my duties at work. But I’ll try not to miss. So I have to understand and then hopefully I leave to the competent in this regard. Thank you.

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