Use Danielle Lam’s Personal PCHSearch&Win Page For Another Way To Win!

Hey Searchers,

Did you know that Danielle Lam has her very own PCHSearch&Win page that gives you another chance to win our life-changing SuperPrize? It’s true! Danielle told me all about it when she sat down with me for an extra special, one-on-one interview!

Danielle began her career with Publishers Clearing House in 2008 in the Online Product Mix Department where her responsibilities were to analyze results and select the best PCH Merchandise assortment possible for you! But Danielle was hungry for another challenge. So, in 2010 she joined the Promotion Development Group where she now brainstorms with a few passionate PCH Employees to create the sweepstakes contests you guys love to enter and hope to win! But you probably know her better as the newest member of The PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team!

Danielle says, “I remember watching the famous Winning Moment PCH commercials growing up, but never did I imagine that I would be the one knocking on the door of PCH Winners carrying flowers, balloons and that “BIG Check“!”

Having been a member of The Prize Patrol Elite Team for over 2 years, she says it still hasn’t sunk in yet. Danielle can’t believe her face is recognized by the entire nation.

I still freak out when I see myself on TV in the Publishers Clearing House commercials. It’s such an honor to be the face of an iconic brand!

One of Danielle’s favorite parts of being on the Prize Patrol Elite Team is that she has her very own PCHSearch&Win Search Page.

It’s so exciting that fans can search on my personal page, in addition to the main PCHSearch&Win page, for another chance to win! I would just love it if the next winning entry came from my page! I hope it brings you luck!”

With the next Winning Moment right around the corner (remember, our next big SuperPrize Event is this May 31st), Danielle and all of us at PCH hope you will search every day on her personal PCHSearch&Win page for another chance to win $5,000.00 every week for life!


“ALL THE BEST” as Danielle always says.



Matt S.

PCH Creative

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    I hope I win I would love to win the @4900 7,000.00 a week for life

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