314 thoughts on “photo2”

  1. Betty says:

    would be nice to win , lost count on how long I’ve been entering PCH ….I’m 62 now …

  2. The size of my family warrants such a wonderful gift.

  3. James Gibson says:

    I would love to be an instant winner on anyone of your prize giveaways. It would be the first time I won anything. But if you would like and wait and give me the “Set For Life” $7000.00 a Week Prize GWY no. 4900. That would be wonderful for our Family. Thank You.

  4. I want to win the instant prize tonite

  5. I want to win an instant prize tonight.

  6. Samantha Grant says:

    I also would like to win and I have not had much luck at it.

  7. Yes I would love to win so far no luck.

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