269 thoughts on “photo2”

  1. Robert garcia says:

    It’s going to be history in the making When I win …. Sky’s the limit there no holding me back ,If there’s a will there’s a way and I’m willing all the way ….. Life rewards the bold and I’m making a statement ….. Good Luck to us all..

  2. I am just ready to leave and signed on to see whats up today and it looks like lots of winning. Good . Hope I am one .in it to win it. gift cards today to give away and a Computer tomorrow boy do I need that have had a very difficult time on mine being as old as it is.if I don’t get them all done on this dinosuar.then go to my mobile I usually do my lotto on it.Good luck to all don’t know how long I have to be gone but hope not long. so can come back and play my games and maybe win something.Have a Great Day..

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