180 thoughts on “photo2”

  1. ROBERT Rhoten says:

    I want to win this & what ever I can win

  2. JANE GROSS says:


  3. shirley willis says:

    It would be so nice to be able to win so that I can get out of the prison I work at and help my family and church and pastor and friends. I pray that God lets me win. He said to ask so I am asking Lord. TO WIN

    1. pch show me the money i would love it thankyou pch

  4. Dorothy Gilmore Griffin says:

    Could use the cash to pay off bills. It would be so nice.

  5. Just to be able to pay off my truck and credit card debt , so that I can move on with my life, and if I’m blessed to win the big check , that brings security, to one’s family, and to finally be able to purchase a home for my family and have the finance to Keep the new house up after purchasing it through Pch, would be great.

  6. Hopefully if I win , maybe I could pay off all of my debt, and go away for the July 4th weekend, since I lost my job.

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