Dream Of Winning The Big Check? We Do Too!

As a Publishers Clearing House employee, I’m not eligible to win the BIG, life-changing fortunes that the Prize Patrol regularly delivers.

But I have to admit … I still dream of winning … and the Prize Patrol knocking on MY door with a “Big Check.”

I especially dream about what I would do with ALL THAT MONEY — $5000 A Week For Life! There are the luxuries … like a gorgeous log cabin on a mountain. And then there are the good things I would do, like spend more time mentoring inner city high school students.

But all this daydreaming has me asking if I am the only employee here who thinks about how wonderful it would be to win the Sweepstakes? Well, I’m happy to say I’m not alone. Every employee I talked to admitted that they dream of winning a millionaire-making fortune from the Prize Patrol. I just had to ask these employees what they would do with the money if they were eligible to win!

Debbie M. said the first thing she would do if she was the Big Check winner is “PAY OFF THE MORTGAGE.” Then Debbie said she’d fly off to France, Italy and England with her daughter. After her trip across Europe, Debbie said she would give money to family, friends and charity.

Kristin C. knew immediately the first thing she would do with a $5,000.00 check sent to her every week for life from Publishers Clearing House. “I would upgrade my season tickets for the New York Rangers and get a better seat,” Kristin said. Kristin also would like to travel. “My first destination would be Australia and my second would be Prague. Oh, and there’s one more luxury Kristin would enjoy. “I would love a loft apartment in Manhattan,” she said.

Matt S. said the first thing he would do with $5,000 A Week For Life would be to pay off his parent’s house. “I would take a trip to New Zealand,” Matt said. After his travels, Matt said he would buy a Porsche Cayenne.

Margarita V. said the first thing she would do with the money is PAY OFF DEBT. “And then I would buy a house. A big one!” she said.

Am I happy so many of my fellow employees also dream of winning the Big Check, even though they are not eligible? You bet! Now I don’t feel so alone!

But, of course, it’s fans like you who CAN win a life-changing fortune when they enter at PCHSearch.com or PCH.com.

So, are you like the PCH employees I talked with? Do YOU dream of winning $5,000.00 Every Week For Life? The good news is you can enter now at PCHSearch&Win. Your first search today and every day gets you an entry to win a big SuperPrize!

Sound exciting? After you search, make sure to comment below and tell us how YOU dream about enjoying $5,000 A Week For Life!


Elliott M.

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