The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Could Visit You If You Dream Big And Enter

The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Could Visit You If You Dream Big And Enter

20 thoughts on “The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Could Visit You If You Dream Big And Enter”

  1. Tanika Nagile Russell says: please pick me!!!!!!!


    I would like to pay my two son’s college tuition, pay off bills and move closer to them. It would be great to win3577 the 1,000,000 MILLIONAIRE MAKING OPPORTUNITY! I would also take a vacation if I won the “BIG CHECK”!!!!

  3. I feel for all that have posted their coments. Life is hard at its best.
    would be happy to hear that one of you won to make your life better. Also, I would like to win too. My life has hit rock bottom too, and I have family to help that can’t help themselves because of sickness. There is no way to get ahead. Winning would be awsome. Good luck to all!!

  4. Anne Diepenhorst says:

    Please bring me a big check I want so bad to buy a car so I don’t have to walk to work anymore please knock on my door

  5. Jenny says:

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  6. suzanne says:

    If I dare to dream which is basically all I have, I would not have to deal with my chron’s and all the medical or blood test being a human pincushion and I could go somewhere anywhere else!

  7. Steve Milo says:

    Wow. That would be a dream. We all need dreams. I could really use a dream come true. My medical bills are way off the wall. Winning would be wonderful. Good luck to all. I mean it. :-)

  8. Debora Winckler says:

    I would like to win so I could help my family, my, husband, to get a truck so he can put his tools in it and keep them where he knows where they are. I would like to know that I could get my own home and car it don’t have to be noting fancy. Last but not least to know that when I get to do all of this that I will be able to afford my meds and ins.on myself and my sweetheart of 40 years. Thank you for even considering me.deora

  9. jeff petree says:

    “Come to grips make a poor man Rich beyond his wildest dreams PCH ME ? ” p.s. or just win enough to be comfortable for awhile TY.

  10. donna cosman says:

    I would like to win the 5,000.00 a week forever my husband is very sick and his med’s are so costly and i can’t work. but iam so unlucky so i know a wouldn’t win. So thank you.

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