What do YOU search for at PCHSearch&Win?

Blog readers, I want to know … What do YOU search for at PCHSearch&Win? I’m curious because there’s just so much you can search for – just about anything! And it’s so easy to do.

Don’t believe me? Here’s all you have to do!

Simply perform a search the same way you would using any search engine and PCHSearch&Win — powered by top search engines Google, Yahoo! and bing — will bring you results from its leading search providers. Plus, our site has an exciting twist: using PCHSearch&Win gives you chances to win daily prizes instantly AND get a daily entry for the big SuperPrize!

Don’t know what to do first? You can use PCHSearch&Win to…

Find Stores: Whether it’s Amazon, ebay, Walmart, Sears, Home Depot, Target, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Dell, Kmart, IKEA or QVC, our search engine brings the store to your fingertips.

Shop Around: Many people are shopping online for iPads, Laptops, Books, Shoes, Clothes, and more! Luckily, they can all be found with a simple search on PCHSearch&Win!

Get Informed: When finding out the Weather, looking for Jobs or learning all there is to know about Cars, our Searchers can gain knowledge and chances to win daily prizes instantly or get an entry for the big SuperPrize!

Explore Sports, Hobbies and Fun: You could use PCHSearch&Win to explore everything from Golf, Peyton Manning and HGTV to YouTube, Netflix, Dancing with the Stars and Hunger Games.

Research Other Interests: If you want to know more about Food, Shoes, Dogs, Cats and more, you can turn to PCHSearch&Win.

PCHSearch&Win – A Way with Words

Amazing, right? Why not make PCHSearch&Win your home page? After all, whether you need to look at your email or houses that are for sale; find a store or get the score; read today’s news or buy a pair of shoes; look for new cars or who was booted from Dancing with the Stars, PCHSearch&Win could help you log in, link in and tune in. Give it a try. Your searches might even lead to a real win-win… daily prizes or ultimately the big SuperPrize!

So if you haven’t already, give it a try … and then let us know in the comments section below … What do YOU search for at PCHSearch&Win?

Kate M.

PCH Creative

280 thoughts on “What do YOU search for at PCHSearch&Win?”

  1. Jamebo says:

    Can I say who really doesn’t want to win all this kinds of money, however when winning the monies, you must pay uncle Sam all those expensive taxes that comes with the winnings. I heard the taxes are like 35% of your take, and you have to pay them before you get the actual money from the PCH Prize Center. So as much as I would love to won money to help get me out of my poverty level. Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to be poor than to have more monies ! :(

  2. candance chambers says:

    I also want to pay off all my debts an to be able to help my friends too so yes I want to win I want to win I want to win the 5,000.00 thousand every week.

  3. Ms. Flo says:

    You all are a big ” JOKE” I have been trying to ” WIN” something, anything forever, as a previous person stated and NOTHING!!!!!!! Guest the joke is on me

  4. Margarita says:

    I search sins 2011 and never win even a $1. Dont believe anymore

  5. Beattie Taylor says:

    I usually look for a big prize or super prize hoping maybe to give my dream a chance and to resolve a worry I’ve always, as far as I remember,have always had. Could my dream ,not my nightmare,come in time to free my diminishing hopefulness.I hope I’ve used the proper wording to have been heard so that I come across properly.I know there’s a lot of others who need a dream to become real also.

  6. mary busher says:

    I’m always searching to find a way to become the next Big Winner of PCH but never have no luck at it wishing and praying that PCH would just someday real soon make me that next Bid winner should could use it and all my money problems would be overalways Day Dreaming about winning with PCH always telling people that someday I will and can have the things that other people have when I win with PCH my Dream come true with any luck maybe just maybe I will Win. :)

  7. Yes pch i want to win a millionaire making superprize!

  8. hahahahh I even lost my comment. Oh well God Bless every one and thanks for the fun

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