PCHSearch&Win’s Daily Prizes To The Rescue!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

Hello, Searchers!

Today is Prizefest – the highly-anticipated day when we announce all of the exciting prize opportunities to be awarded in the week ahead! While looking over the bundle of impressive giveaways, it reminded me that I had to pick up a “giveaway” of my own; a gift for my brother-in-law’s birthday tomorrow. The PCHSearch&Win daily prizes are so good, it also made me think that perhaps I could do a bit better by the ol’ brother-in-law this year. Know what I usually get him?


Hey, c’mon. It’s not that bad! Okay, yes. It’s not nearly as exciting as the goodies that are listed for Prizefest, but I do change things up on occasion. Sometimes I get him black socks for work; other times, white socks for the gym. Once in a while, I’ll even throw in a baseball cap ; )

PCHSearch&Win to the Rescue!

Clearly, I was in need of some assistance. My brother-in-law is very pragmatic, so I performed a quick search on PCHSearch&Win for practical gift ideas for guys. The results presented me with lots of great options like electric razors, ties, shirts, backpacks, jackets, coffee makers and sports merchandise, as well as, um, socks.

But I wasn’t completely satisfied yet, so once more, I looked over all the daily prizes being awarded in this week’s remarkable Prizefest to get inspired:

Monday (4/30): Prizes include $1OO.OO cash and more! There will be a winner every hour!

Tuesday (5/1): Ten $5O.OO CASH prizes!

Wednesday (5/2): Mystery Prizes will be awarded all day long!

Thursday (5/3): Five $15O.OO Overstock Gift Cards!

Friday (5/4): Garmin GPS – the featured prize of the day!

Saturday (5/5): Ten $5O.OO TJ Maxx Gift Cards!

Sunday (5/6): $5OO.OO Travelocity Gift Card — guaranteed to be awarded!

WOW, PCHSearch&Win to the rescue! This list convinced me I needed to turn my gift-giving up another notch. The truth is, he deserves a good birthday gift. Besides him and my sister making me an aunt to the greatest nephew and niece there ever was, over the years he’s willingly moved me into and out of countless apartments; changed or filled umpteen of my car and bicycle tires; and when it comes to reliable car service from train stations, airports or even the middle of nowhere, well, yellow taxis have nothing on him!

PCHSearch&Win to the rescue! I searched further on PCHSearch for a gift that would be a little more indulgent. Again, I found an extensive display of useful links. I’m thinking of getting him a hammock. After all, with a sister-in-law like me, the poor guy could probably use a rest!

Best wishes for winning Prizefest’s daily prizes!

Lots of Luck,

Kate M.

PCH Creative

P.S. How about you? What’s the best present you ever received? We’d love to hear about it! Tell us in the comments section.

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