6 thoughts on “prizefest”

  1. Kristi Lynne Burkhalter says:

    Yes I want to win pchsearch&win

  2. Mary Phillips says:

    PCH PRIZEFEST TODAY’S ‘ $500.00 To Pay OFF Some BILLS, There will be “One LUCKY Winner will Take Home $500.00 cash prize! I AM “IN IT TO WIN IT” WIN INSTANTLY” TODAY! I HEREBY CLAIM this TODAY’S PRIZEFEST, of $500.00 by WIN INSTANTLY! #KNOCK KNOCK! Yes! I AM QUALIFIED TO search and enter to WIN ! Please ACTIVATE my ELIGIBILITY & my Entry to Win IT” ENSURE TO SECURE MY FULL ELIGIBILITY TO WIN All on August 31st

  3. Good luck luck every one!!!!!!

  4. paulina perez says:

    Goooood luck to all PCHgamers..nd for new players-check it out is ADDICTING FUN:)

  5. i wish that i could win a prize from pch prizefest.

    1. sure need the cash…….have you ever helped someone ? ,,,( being a good human being ) ,,,then got in trouble ,,,well it happened to me …….time to dig my way out..

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