What Would You Be Doing If The Prize Patrol Surprised You?

You can bank on it — the Prize Patrol will definitely award a Millionaire-Making SuperPrize on May 31st. It’s an event we’ve all been waiting for. And if you’re one of the faithful who never miss an opportunity to enter, you dream that this wonderful event will happen to YOU! It seems that everyone — even those of us who work at Publishers Clearing House — imagines what it would be like to look out the front door and see Dave Sayer and the gang standing there with champagne, flowers, balloons, and cameras aimed in their direction. I know my grin would be as big as the Big Check itself!

Recently, the Prize Patrol surprised Miran C. of Denver, CO, with a Big Check for $10,000! Miran wasn’t home when they first arrived, but it wasn’t long before she drove up — fresh from a workout at the gym. “Oh no! Don’t videotape me like this!” she cried. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

Ah, but the Prize Patrol NEVER tells winners they’re coming. That would spoil the surprise! Capturing those “Winning Moments” let’s the whole world see that folks REALLY DO win Big Money – like $5,000 a week for life!

Miran’s reaction got us wondering: What would you be doing if the Prize Patrol surprised you at home with a Big Check? Curious to see what my fellow PCH employees would be up to (if we were eligible to win), I asked around.

  • Maggie P. said she’d probably be heading out to her next photo shoot and if they caught her in the field, maybe the Prize Patrol could lend her a camera or two…?
  • Elliot M. replied that he’d be playing video games trying to save the universe with his super powers. But with a 5,000 a week for life Big Check, he’d have the ultimate super power — money, Money, MONEY!
  • Rich K. might be trying to keep his herb garden alive — and he’d enlist the Prize Patrol to help!
  • If it were a weekend, Ellen S. would be in the backyard romping with her dog, Cookie.
  • When I asked Elaina R. “what would you be doing?” she said” “I’d be helping my kids with homework, but it would REALLY be a “Winning Moment” if the Prize Patrol offered to assist!”
  • As for me, I might be playing with my Barbie doll® collection, feeding the local colony of feral cats, or doing (ugh!) housework.
  • To which Kathleen M. responded: “I would probably be avoiding housework by talking on the phone or walking on the boardwalk…but if the Prize Patrol showed up, I’d hire someone else to do the cleaning!” (Way to go, Kathleen!)

What about you? What would YOU be doing if the Prize Patrol knocked on your door on May 31st?

May all your activities be winning ones!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. There’s still time to enter the $5,000 A Week for Life Sweepstakes! Search the web at PCHSearch&Win and get an entry with your first search every day through the May 21st. Good luck!

42 thoughts on “What Would You Be Doing If The Prize Patrol Surprised You?”

  1. octavia smith says:

    living in the here and now, staying “Hopeful” that pch will “sur-prize” me!!!

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