Prizefest Instant Prizes Are Back & Better Than Ever!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

Hey Searchers,

As you know, here at PCH the winning never stops. Today, May 7th, is the beginning of a brand-new week and do you know what that means? A Brand, Spankin’-New PCHSearch&Win Prizefest is back and better than ever! Instant Prizes are going to be awarded ALL WEEK LONG!

WOW! The PCHSearch&Win prizes look so good this week, I was even licking my chops to get in on the excitement, but unfortunately I can’t because I work here. I would have loved to cash in on $500.00 to pay off those annoying bills. My girlfriend and I just moved into a new house on Long Island and a cool $500.00 CASH would have gone a long way with this month’s rent.

Oh, now this isn’t even fair. You guys get the PCHSearch&Win Prize Wheel too? And it includes gift certificates and American Express Gift Cards to some of our favorite stores — Brookstone, Marshalls, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and more? That’s just not fair! Although, my girlfriend tends to like Bed Bath & Beyond a bit more than I do!

Heck, with all the money being given away during this week’s Prizefest, we could have furnished our entire house!

That’s enough about me though. Let’s get to the fun part and see what other instant prizes are making this week’s Prizefest better than ever:

Monday, May 7th – $500.00 CASH to pay your bills!

Tuesday, May 8th – Check out the PCHSearch&Win Prize Wheel, featuring over $3,000.00 in exclusive, instant prizes reserved only for searchers, just like you!

Wednesday, May 9th – Want to get your gaming on? We are giving away a Wii!

Thursday, May 10th – FIVE $100.00 Ebay Gift Cards!

Friday, May 11th – TEN $100.00 CASH PRIZES will be up for grabs!

Saturday, May 12th – The PCHSearch&Win Vault has been opened and there is $5,000.00 in prizes inside exclusively reserved for PCHSearch&Win members, just like you!

Sunday, May 13th – $1,000.00 Fast Cash will definitely be given away — GUARANTEED!

Oh, and did I mention, whenever you log on and search at PCHSearch&Win you’ll also gain entry to become our $5,OOO.OO A WEEK FOR LIFE MAY 31ST SUPERPRIZE EVENT WINNER! How cool is that? I told you Prizefest was better than ever!

Remember: all you have to do is search and a BIG PRIZE could be headed your way!

What are you waiting for? Go Search NOW!

Good Luck!

Matt S.

PCH Creative

60 thoughts on “Prizefest Instant Prizes Are Back & Better Than Ever!”

  1. PCH WIN The $3,000.00 Superfan Exclusive! PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GWY.NO.4805! D.M.

  2. PCH WIN $3,000.00 SuperFan Exclusive Instant WIN! PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GWY.NO.4805! D.M.

  3. Amanda Collins says:

    I hope I win a prize

  4. Marielis Viamontes says:

    Yes I want to win.

  5. Ali M Finley says:

    If I’m the winner of $1 million I will be able to help a many of my family member and friends out. I would also like to said best wishes to all whom enter contests and was winner in PCH and Superprize winner and be a blessing to someone who needs the help.

  6. marielis viamontes says:

    Hope can win somethings

  7. there is so much you are giving away,hope i am a part of it an soon thank again

  8. Kay Arai says:

    It would be very nice to have some surprises!

  9. Marielis Viamontes says:

    Wishing win always!

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