How Edwin of PCHSearch&Win was “Hatched!”

Hello, Searchers!

It’s me, Edwin, the PCHSearch&Win Owl! You’ve probably seen me hanging around the PCHSearch&Win site. I’m the one with the great tips on the PCHSearch&Win Dos and Don’ts page, and sometimes I even catch a ride in the PCHSearch&Win emails to bring you some Fun Facts! I know, I know, I have a dream job!

I just LOVE being the mascot for PCHSearch&Win ― the only and very popular Search Engine with PCH power where you could win instantly AND get a daily entry for a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize in the Online Sweepstakes. Did you ever wonder how I got this dream job? Well, it all started because the PCHSearch&Win team wanted to give PCHSearch&Win Members something to smile about! So, Eve F., Christine D. and some of my other friends called a meeting to select a PCHSearch&Win mascot. But the truth is, if things had gone differently, I wouldn’t be around to tell you this story. Rumor has it that they narrowed it down to me and a cheetah. Can you imagine???

Well, cheetahs ARE fast and popular search engine PCHSearch&Win does give you FAST search results. But, ultimately everyone agreed that I’m the perfect mascot for PCHSearch&Win because I’m WISE and PCHSearch&Win helps you find the information and websites you need. (Not to mention, I’m extremely witty and adorable 😉 )

Speaking of adorable, I owe my loveable physique to the Senior Web designer at PCHSearch&Win.  He worked hard to give me that sweet, wide-eyed look that keeps the ladies swooning. And have you ever wondered how I always seem to have just the right outfit for every occasion? My friends on the creative team keep me dressed to impress! Here are just a few of my looks:

Me as a chef! What do you think I cooked up?

Don’t I look smart?

Look at me, I’m a winner!

Say ahhh…

I always get a “hoot” out of those outfits…don’t you?

There you have it, that’s how I was “hatched,” so to speak. And I’m not going anywhere, I have my dream job! I love PCHSearch&Win searchers…and I have a feeling they love me too. DO YOU?

Before I go, I want to remind you to BE WISE and keep searching every day on our popular search engine to enter to win the Online Sweepstakes — and go for a shot at $5,OOO.OO Every Week For Life on May 31st! I wonder who – who – who will win!


PCHSearch&Win Mascot Extraordinaire

P.S. Guess what, I’ll soon have my very own game on the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page on Facebook. I’m so excited! Stay tuned for details!

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