“Winning” Clean Air Solutions from PCHSearch!

April showers have brought May flowers, and folks are moving outdoors to enjoy a breath of clean, fresh air. Hey, maybe that’s why May is called Clean Air Month!

I wanted to learn more about clean air solutions, so I used PCHSearch&Win to gather some fast facts and fun ideas. And let me tell you…PCHSearch solutions are “winning” solutions!

Surfing PCHSearch&Win you’ll discover…

Every day you inhale over 20,000 times

and breathe about 35 pounds of air — about a pint a breath!

Sitting in a home or office all day, where heating and cooling systems balance temperature and humidity and filter pollution for you, it’s easy to take the air we breathe for granted. We tend to forget that the air is filled with all sorts of things that compromise our health and the health of the water, plants and animals we consume.

Surfing PCHSearch&Win you’ll discover…

Along with oxygen, you also breathe in a smog of chemical

and particulate pollution, including CO2, ozone, dust and bio-organisms!

Short of holding your breath till your face turns blue, what can YOU do to protect yourself, your family and others from the unhealthy effects of air pollution? If this query sounds like a job for PCHSearch&Win, it is! Browsing around, I discovered some good clean air solutions (and running out to buy a gas mask isn’t one of them! Relax!).

Surfing PCHSearch&Win you’ll discover…

The air inside your home can be up to 10 times

more hazardous to your health than the air outside!

It’s called sick building syndrome, and its sources — tobacco smoke, mold and mildew, household products, and pesticides, to name a few — not only cause discomfort, but can result in diseases later in life. Some clean air solutions I found on PCHSearch&Win:

But what can you do about the air outside, for your loved ones and for all of us?

Surfing PCHSearch&Win you’ll discover…

Guides to what you can do to help reduce air pollution,

as well as Clean Air Month activities and events!

  • Find alternate means of transportation.
  • Share a ride, use mass transit, bike to work or school, and walk if you can.
  • Buy a clean, low emission vehicle.
  • Plant trees.
  • Get involved! Organize a race for clean air, host an expo at your school, write your congressman to support clean air initiatives — “winning” solutions all!

Go to PCHSearch&Win and explore the many clean air solutions and ideas for kids, grown-ups and anyone who likes to breathe! While you’re at it, enter for your chance to win our $5,000.00 A Week for Life Sweepstakes. Talk about “winning” solutions…that would surely leave you breathing easier!

Happy Searching!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

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    Joyce W., PCH Online Creative

    Thank you for this wonderful information about the air we breathe!!! It was very interesting and informative!!! I do love all of your web pages from Search and win to gaming!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!

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