Meet Christine: A Winning Part Of PCHSearch&Win!

Did you know that PCHSearch&Win is growing in popularity every day? Maybe it’s because, unlike any other search engine, you get daily opportunities to win Instant Prizes and enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. (Many of Publishers Clearing House millionaires got their winning entries at PCHSearch, after all!) Or maybe it’s because of Edwin, our irresistibly cute search owl mascot. (I love that little guy!)

We have a different theory: we think it’s because of our smart and savvy strategist, Christine, Senior Manager of Product Development.

A Summa Cum Laude business graduate of Bucknell University, Christine came to PCH in February 2010 and immediately began working on ways to support the site’s mission to bring you “Info You Need and Prizes You Want.” Christine constantly strives to make the site easier, faster and more fun to use, with promotions and features you’ll really like. It’s a challenge she enjoys!

Christine wants to give you the best search experience possible, so she and her team are busy developing programs to reward our most valued searchers and coming up with prizes you want to win. In August 2011, they redesigned the desktop site and created a mobile version that allows searchers to enter the SuperPrize. “It’s exciting to bring PCHSearch&Win to more members across the country. Who wouldn’t want to win Instant prizes — maybe even a millionaire-making SuperPrize — simply by searching the Internet?”

Currently, Christine and her team are hard at work creating new features on both the desktop and mobile versions of PCHSearch. “Not all searchers realize they can use the site on their mobile device, so we’re trying to let them know. ”

Since searching and winning are big parts of PCHSearch&Win, we were wondering if Christine has ever traveled with the Prize Patrol to award a searcher the Big Check. “Yes, I did, in March 2010. The prize was $5,000.00, and it was thrilling because I had just started working here. The whole experience really got me excited about working here!”

When we asked Christine what she likes best about her job, she made us proud: “Working with such a reputable, amazing brand like Publishers Clearing House, working with a diverse group of people, and, best of all, knowing that PCHSearch truly makes REAL people happy winners! ” What could be better?

Want to help Christine make PCHSearch&Win as easy, winning and FUN as possible? Why not offer your suggestions in the comment space below?

Here’s hoping YOU become a winner of one of our fabulous Instant Prizes or maybe even the big PCH SuperPrize!

Joyce Wiley

PCH Online Creative

P.S. Hurry — there are only 4 DAYS LEFT to enter for the big $5,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize Event!

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    I will talk the them if they call me they have my cell phone.

  3. Christina Howley says:

    Am I a winner that has not been notified?

  4. I am the Christine Anders I live in Albuquerque N.M. they meaning pch who
    I thought were me friends. I will talk the them if they call me they have my cell phone. I won money but they will not give it to. I have of all the letters they mailed me.
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  5. this all new to me.And I am the real Christine A. Anders I am 66 and this so exciting to me I can
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    DMV did not even take my driver lincense

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