Prizefest’s Instant Win Prizes Go Round the Clock!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

Monday is a fun day at PCHSearch&Win, because today we announce our weekly roster of PrizeFest instant win prizes! I love getting to show you the wonderful Instant Prizes you could win round the clock all week long — isn’t it exciting to have something new to look forward to every time you visit the site? And this Wednesday ONLY, we’re doing something that has never been done before on PCHSearch&Win! See below for details.

Surfing PCHSearch&Win is fast and easy, and if you’re going to search online anyway, why not use the only Search Engine with Publishers Clearing House power– where you could win Instant Prizes like cash, gift cards, and laptops — just for searching the web! PLUS you get a daily entry into a Millionaire-Making Sweepstakes with your first search of the day!

Don’t have an account with PCHSearch&Win — the highly popular search engine with a winning twist? Register here and start searching for shops, restaurants, travel destinations, whatever you’re interested in! It’s quick, easy and fun — and who knows, your next search could make you an Instant Win Prize winner!

Okay, now to the Prizefest Prizes! Here’s what’s on the list this glorious week:

Monday, May 21 — A Dell Laptop (so you could search — and win! — while you’re on the go!) (Don’t need a laptop? If you win, you could choose to take the cash value instead!)

Tuesday, May 22 — FIVE $50.00 Stubhub Gift Cards (making it easy to buy tickets from other fans)


A Brand-New Round The Clock Winning Opportunity!

PCHSearch Has Never Done This Before!

For the first time ever, PCHSearch&Win has been authorized to release over $2,000.00 in Instant Prizes throughout the day! Starting at 12AM Eastern Time, members like you can get chances to win Cash, Best Buy gift certificates, a Dell laptop, and more! These prizes must be awarded by 11:59 PM, ET, and instant winners are guaranteed, so don’t miss out — visit PCHSearch&Win for your web searching all day long and any of these prizes could become yours!

Thursday, May 24 — TEN Amazon Kindle Fires (get “fired up” about reading again!)

Friday, May 25 — CASH ALL DAY LONG! (and who couldn’t use that?)

Saturday, May 26 — FIVE $100.00 Ikea Gift Cards (Home furnishings that are simple, smart and stylish.)

Sunday, May 27 — TWENTY-FIVE $20.00 Barnes & Noble Gift Cards (I could go crazy in that store!)

If these Prizefest Instant Win Prizes — and opportunities to win a Multi-Million Dollar Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize® — don’t make you want to surf PCHSearch&Win round the clock, I don’t know what would! So log onto the “search engine with the winning twist” and start searching today!

Good luck, searchers!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. Don’t forget — you can get your chances to win on the PCHSearch&Win mobile site, too!

987 thoughts on “Prizefest’s Instant Win Prizes Go Round the Clock!”

  1. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    Helloooo PCHSearch&Win.! I wish it could be my day to win the $150.00 In Prizes has been Guaranteed awarded before 11:59Pm!

    Plus, Win a $7,000.00 A Week For Life On April 30th during the Special Early Look Event Prize from PCH Giveaway No.4900!

    And also win a $5,000.00 Cash Prize exclusive to PCHSearch&Win, from PCH Giveaway No.5375. God Blessed U Mr.Todd Sloane

  2. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    Hi PCHSearch&Win.! I would love to the Publishers Clearing House approved my last Prize Release Entry for a chance to win instantly $2,000.00 In Prizes Must Be Awarded Today!

    Plus, Win $7,000.00 A Week For Life On April 30th in a special early look from PCH Giveaway No.4900

  3. Around the clock, more opportunities , is good.
    Like to win especially now, every one has A problem or
    Two surface in there life, at no fault of there own. But we keep trying .

    Thank you so much. Bruce Hoekstra . 2-25-15 7:43

  4. Almanee williams says:

    I would love to be PCH next big winner! Always keeping The faith!!

  5. yaidana cuon says:

    I want to win, thank pch

  6. Kathy S Edmonds says:

    I really want to win pch Danielle and Dave and Todd Around the clock would be nice

  7. Mary Johnson says:

    I want to beat rhe clock to win the pch prize patrol with the big give away with prizes and moneys.for my grand children and my children by god will

  8. Glenda Henson says:

    YES I want to win an around the clock for 2,000.00 to be awarded today.
    Thanks PCH

  9. Grace Nwosu says:

    Surely, I want to win. Please help me!!!

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