No Doubt About It, Searchers Really Win on PCHSearch!

“I’ll believe it when I win it!” If you’ve ever had doubts that real people win real money on PCHSearch&Win, I understand. It’s easy to doubt when you haven’t yet won an instant prize yourself. So let me introduce you to a fellow searcher whose comments may encourage you searchers to have no doubt about it. Your persistence could even make you a winner, just like Dennis!

A loyal member and active searcher, Dennis P. of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was the winner of a PCHSearch&Win EXCLUSIVE prize in the amount of $5,000.00 — a pretty sweet reward just for searching the web, don’t you think?

Recently, Dennis was gracious enough to tell us a little about his experience. As you can imagine, Dennis was thrilled when he found out he had won. “It really is a dream come true,” he told us. And dreaming is something that led Dennis to win in the first place. An active PCHSearch&Win searcher for more than a year, his searches usually involve things he’d like to have or do. “I dream a little. I look at cars, and property for sale, and vacation spots.” He’s not alone there!

How does he plan to spend his winnings? Like many searchers, Dennis may use it for everyday necessities, like getting an upgrade on his car or doing a little home redecorating. Then again, he thinks he might follow a dream and splurge on a cruise!

When asked whether winning once makes him believe that he could win again, this frequent searcher told us there was no doubt about it: “As I have always said, lightning strikes, and you can’t win if you don’t play!” You gotta love that winning attitude!

No doubt about it, winners like Dennis already know that membership has its privileges — exclusive prizes offered only to active searchers — and surfing the web at “the only search engine with a winning twist” has its rewards. So, dear searchers, take it from Dennis, a loyal member who knows firsthand: Real people do win real money searching at PCHSearch&Win! Believe it and you just may see it!

Happy searching!
Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Did you know that our most loyal members can win EXCLUSIVE prizes just like Dennis? It’s true!

67 thoughts on “No Doubt About It, Searchers Really Win on PCHSearch!”

  1. Susie Ruckstuhl says:

    I am the winner!!!

  2. Lillie keefer says:

    I understood that the prize would be drawn on June 30 2014. Why am I getting more chances after the closing date?

  3. I won a 20 amazon gift card code and redeemed it online. I won the gift card from PCH lotto scratch cards. I also was told I won 20$ cash but never received it. The website had my name across the front of my computer screen on I feel great but still waiting for the cash prizes. I even wanted to win so bad I started ordering merchandise from PCH. I also hand wrote two entries and got scammed out of 299.99 on Facebook. I wish I could win because I would give to some of the people who were scammed or even just disadvantaged.I would write mY music and come from behind the music scene to the top billboards. I won the HTC contest of most beautiful picture and it was shown in times square new York on the HTC madesen gardens billboard in 2014 February. Good luck I received a max reward today in my email I hope I win cash.

  4. Carl Petty says:

    I do I get my winnings? I have been looking on the computer but still waiting.

  5. Mary Wegner says:

    Does this thing ever end???????????

  6. anna chiszle says:

    Im to be your next winner pch … Already claim it to win it all ;)

  7. Barbara Lawson says:

    just searching

  8. Anna Paul says:

    I to pray that I could have a lucky break and win just like Dennis. God please be with me!

  9. YIPPY… Thank You PCH for giving me the opportunity to win as a SuperSearcher. its been very interesting and sometimes very frustrating but It was also Fun.. Thank you so much.. Now I NEED TO WIN.. and move on to the Super prize on June 30.. I am so excited to be a winner in both of these exciting Speeps.. :O)

    Thank you Again..

  10. wilma bowland says:

    I have over 120.000 tokens how do I use them.I play almost everyday hoping I can win.

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