May Was Merry Indeed For This PCH Sweepstakes Winner!

On May 31st, 2012, Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane, and Danielle Lam — our elite Prize Patrol — were on the move, travelling through the scenic vistas of the San Juan National Forest to surprise our newest SuperPrize winner. When Tari Woods of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, opened her front door, you could see the wonderment on her face. Who were these people in the blue blazers, with the balloons and the bright red van? As soon as the Prize Patrol introduced themselves and presented Tari with the famous Big Check, a whoop went up from Tari’s friend, Tim. Tari herself was a bit more subdued. It took a moment before the thrilling news sank in — she, a pet-sitting caterer from a small Western town known for its natural beauty and healing hot springs — had just won ONE MILLION DOLLARS in the PCH Sweepstakes! Examining the Big Check, she realized it was true! “You spelled my name right so this must not be a joke,” she quipped. No, ma’am, this is not a joke! Soon, Tari’s stunned surprise gave way to smiles and excitement all around.

But Tari wasn’t the only one to have a moment of surprise. Our brand-new millionaire keeps a plaque in her home that reads “Dreams Do Come True.” The Prize Patrol couldn’t help but notice…because, it’s similar to the PCH motto: “The House Where Dreams Come True.” That’s a pretty cool coincidence!

Back at 101 Winners Circle, we discovered another coincidence: Edwin, our fashionable and very wise PCHSearch&Win mascot, wearing a cowboy hat much like Tari’s! Here he is raising a salute to our latest SuperPrize winner. Like Edwin, all of us here at PCH wish Tari the best…and have a hunch this “merry month of May” is one she’ll never forget!

Want to win your own Big Check? Well you came to the right place! Remember, your first search at PCHSearch gives you an entry for the big PCH Sweepstakes SuperPrize! Search today and maybe it’ll be YOUR Prize Patrol dream coming true next!

The Best of Luck to You All!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

12 thoughts on “May Was Merry Indeed For This PCH Sweepstakes Winner!”

  1. Hey, Congrats Terri….Now it is my turn! Hee Hee Hey, it could happen…:)Deb

  2. Nunise holmes says:

    Congrats tari I wish it was me may GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  3. Congrats to Tari Woods, 😉

  4. Jamey Dalton says:

    Hi , my name is Jamey I’ve been. Playing hard lol hopefully I when something even if it’s not the big one the money is fo my kids .:) I’m a single parent no support so I have my fingers crossed :)).

    Sincerely Yours,

  5. Mrs. A.T. says:

    PCH, Hi! And Congrats Tari! One day I hope to join the winners at PCH. Even though I “blog” on here almost daily, I would be shocked to see the Prize Patrol. In my mind I would be thinking dang, I know all their names and faces, why can’t I remember them!Haha! Or maybe I would just hug them and then see who they were looking for! I will only know the answer to this “after” I win!

  6. Kanika Loeung says:

    I wish the next SuperPrize winner after Tari Woods is would be me!
    I’ll do my dream come true!
    I praying ” The force of the Big Check ONE MILLION DOLLARS come to ME!” :)

  7. DeLayne Perry says:

    Tari and Edwin wear matching hats.. I wonder if he was found in the Woods? hee hee!

    CONGRATS again! Tari Woods!! hoot hoot ~ big salute!

    1. Cecilia says:

      Blessings to Ronan and all of the family. I icunlded Ronan in our community prayer today and we believe his healing is just a stones throw away. I pray you all are able to reflect back on these good times as you move through the next process of Ronan’s healing. Candyce and family

  8. s o says:

    I do not believe in PCH’s credibility. Why do they put in the “small print” info that purchasing anything isn’t required to win, but I receive emails 2-4x’s/day saying if I don’t buy something, I’m disquailified. Next step, BBB

    1. Jussie At PCH Jussie At PCH says:

      You never have to buy anything to play, enter or win with PCH. Plus, buying something does not increase your chances of winning.

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