Every Day Of PCHSearch Web Searching Could Bring You A Payout!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

There used to be a time in my life when, after I received my paycheck, paid the bills and budgeted for expenses, I’d have about $15 cash to stretch over 14 days! That was about 30 years ago. You could get more bang for the buck back then, but it was still tough to make ends meet. I never seemed to have enough money.

When I was growing up, there was an old hit TV show called “The Millionaire,” about a rich man who enjoyed awarding million-dollar checks to total strangers! I used to daydream that the Millionaire would single me out for a big fat payout. Or that I’d come across a guy handing out $100 bills on the street. Or that a bag full of cash would fall off a truck! Ha! That would be some pay day, don’t you think?

Who’d have thought back then that one day I’d be working for a company that gives out million-dollar checks to ordinary people — people we’ve never met! It’s one of those crazy things.

You know what else is crazy? The amazing instant win prizes PCHSearch&Win is set to give away this week! It’s absolutely nuts…especially Thursday and Sunday, when the flow from the vault will be spilling over! Talk about a big payout….

Every day could be Pay Day for someone web searching on PCHSearch! Check out this week’s instant cash prizes…

Monday, June 11 — Ten $100.00 Cash Prizes (that guy waving $100.00 bills is now your computer!)

Tuesday, June 12 — Five $100.00 Ikea Gift Cards

Wednesday, June 13 — One lucky searcher could win $1,000.00 Fast Cash! You’ll want to do some web searching on PCHSearch&Win for sure this day!

Thursday, June 14 — A Winner Every 15 Minutes! You could be minutes away from winning cash!

Friday, June 15 — Ten $25.00 J.C. Penney gift cards

Saturday, June 16 — Five $100.00 American Express Gift Cards

Sunday, June 17 — DING DING DING! It’s the PCHSearch&Win Cash Craze! Over $2,000.00 in instant win prizes guaranteed to be awarded all day long, including twenty $25.00 Cash Prizes, ten $50.00 Cash Prizes, and three $500.00 Cash Prizes!

And don’t forget: With your first search of the day, you receive an entry to win a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize. How cool would it be to win one of those million-dollar checks for searching out old episodes of “The Millionaire” TV show? You could be laughing all the way to the bank!

So don’t miss out. Be sure to use PCHSearch&Win all day, every day for all your web searching needs. Because every day could be a payout for some lucky PCH searcher…why not you?

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

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112 thoughts on “Every Day Of PCHSearch Web Searching Could Bring You A Payout!”

  1. this $2,000.00 belong to me I need it I receive it I want to win this money

  2. I want to win the$2,000.00

  3. Would be Great To Win. Good Luck To Everyone .

  4. i would iove to win $2,000.00 i could pay my bills for one more month,if it be the almighty will. thank you.

  5. I would like the $2,000.00 I never won money before especially on the internet. And I want to win the $5,000.00 a week forever superprize. Were struggling to survive we have money but were not rich. I would like to pay my mom back for all the times she did things for me. I know she was suppose to do things for me because she is my mom but I appreciate the things she did for me.

  6. Brenda Wellmaker says:

    yes I would love to win who wouldn’t. I just hate being in the hole all the time sometimes I go for my bills sometimes I can’t. It sucks.

  7. JUAN QUILES says:

    i would love to win the $2,000.00 pch

  8. RICKY YANCEY says:

    I’m going to get that money

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