Have Fun in the Sun with PCHSearch&Win!

It’s summertime at last! Now, what to do in summer? I know! Time to get out of the house and enjoy the season! What are you, dear searcher, planning for fun in the sun? I’m hoping to spend some time at the beach, attend a summer stock production, and eat my way through a street fair or two! I bet you can’t wait to sample the seasonal events and attractions where you live, too.

There are so many fun-filled things to do in the summer, where do you begin? With PCHSearch&Win, of course!  Not only is it a great place to find the information you’re looking for, but it’s the only search engine with Publishers Clearing House power — the opportunity to win an instant win prize just for searching the web!

Say you’re looking for an outdoor activity close to home.  First, log into your account to receive a SuperPrize entry with your first search of the day. Then type in what you’re looking for. Remember to keep it short and specific, using a name, concept or company, and location. I just typed in “amusement parks, Long Island” and found links to lots of places offering fun in the sun, including water parks, carousels, go-kart tracks, and mini golf courses!

In the market for “summer toys for kids”? Type in that phrase, and you’ll see everything from frisbees to sandboxes, bounce houses to wading pools! What’s the best dehumidifier for your apartment or basement? Where can you eat dinner “al fresco”? When does that outdoor concert begin? Just use PCHSearch&Win as you would a regular search engine. You’ll find tons of ideas for what to do in summer, and maybe even have an instant win!

Here’s a few tips that will make your search easier and faster:

* Bookmark PCHSearch for easy, everyday access

* Use quotation marks around an exact phrase or first and last name

* Check the drop down menu when you type in the search field. The suggestions you find there could save you time.

So whatever summertime information you’re looking for — be it a “day-cation” destination, fun in the sun, recipes for outdoor grilling, dates and locations of country fairs, or great discounts on cool summer clothes — PCHSearch can help you find it! You can get information on what to do in summer AND maybe even instant win just for searching the web! What’s not to love?

Happy Summer Searching!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Get easy access to our powerful search engine with the Publishers Clearing House Prizebar! Once you download it onto your browser, use the search field to surf the Internet, and click on the news ticker for PCH bulletins and more winning opportunities!

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Wanda said...

When Is it going to be my turn! to win that LOTTERY!!!!!

rose said...

It’ll be a blessing to win at least one million dollars

Kanika Loeung said...

The picture above look so beautiful and quiet place!
If I become a Millionaire, I’d to visit at the beach for relaxing, forget about everything, and enjoy with a fresh air!

My activity in the summer is to do the garden. In front yard I planting too many kinds of beautiful flowers and decorate a garden style. I have a long rose fence near by the edges of the road that made attacked to pedestrians. In back yard I was plants some vegetable.
I’ll find out more information from PCHSearch for my garden. I plan to have fountain in my front yard and also to have pond in my back yard with some fish!

Beside of garden, I’d use PCHSearch for vacations.
If I win $1 Million, I’ll bring my children, niece and nephew(13 children) to visit many vacations!
I wish on August 31st will be happen a good thing to me!!! :)

Natosha Smith said...

Havimg sumner fun in Phoenix, AZ and loving it. P.S. STAY COOL! LOVE YA, N.N.S. Of P.A.

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi PCH, I keep saying if you need to search (which we all do), why not use PCHSearch&Win. You may even get a prize for it. And the PCH Prizebar just makes everything easier. Makes sense to me. Thank you!

Sylvia Simpson said...

Waiting to win

Sylvia Simpson said...

waiting to win.

Rachel Hawks said...

I really need to win. I have been with Publishers Clearign since 2004. It should be my turn to win.

Isaiah Garza said...

I am 26,m,texas. winning anything would be great you nice. I been at my job 5yrs, its a dead end job. I can only eat one time a day. I drive a mountain bike. Could you imagine winning big. I would anything to win.

Brenda Carlton said...

I love PCH and the people that put on the program.
If I win I will Share my winnings with some people I know that needs help. Search and win is a lot of fun .as well are the games. Thanks Again PCH, I hope I get to hug Dave’s neck Daniel and Todd .