Winning Piece Of PCHSearch: Kristin!

Here at the PCHSearch&Win blog, we always love to take you behind the scenes, and who better to meet next then Kristin P., a winning piece of the PCHSearch team! A psychology major and marketing minor about to enter her junior year of college, Kristin has a summer intern job here at PCH. Even though she’s only been here a few weeks, she’s already been lending quite the helping hand! And she seems to be enjoying the experience too.

Exclaims Kristin, “I love having an intern job at PCH! Everybody I have met here so far has been extremely kind to me. I am learning an abundance of knowledge about PCH and online marketing. I am beginning to get a feel for what life would be like working in the business world.”

Last summer, Kristin’s brother also interned in our Syosset, NY location where our mailing center is located. “He helped process the many envelopes we receive every day. He pushed around the huge cages containing piles and piles of mail. His muscles are a lot bigger than mine,” Kristin jokes.

Here in our Port Washington offices, Kristin is a winning piece of the Online Development Department, always helping things run smoothly. If you use the PCHPrizebar, then thank Kristin because the first thing she does when she gets to work every day is make sure it’s up and running and working properly. Kristin recommends that everybody download the PCHPrizebar. She boasts, “not only does it give you easy access to lots of PCH winning opportunities, you get 10 SuperPrize entries just for downloading it!” And because our Fans love to hear from real PCH winners, Kristin helps get quotes from our winners on the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page on Facebook.

Speaking of winning … says Kristin, “PCH has changed so many lives and brightened so many days. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to see Dave Sayer of the Prize Patrol at my doorstep and the Prize Patrol Van parked outside my house. I love hearing the stories and watching the videos of people winning prizes from PCH.

Although she’s not eligible to win as a PCH employee, Kristin didn’t have to think long when asked what she would do if she won a Big SuperPrize! “Three words: shoes, shoes, shoes! No, I’m kidding…well, sort of! As much as I love shoes, one million dollars is a lot of money. Although I would definitely purchase a pair of shoes or two, I would also use some of the money to help someone else, buy presents for my family, shop for clothes and maybe redecorate my bedroom.”

Do you know what YOU would do with a PCH SuperPrize? Comment below and let us know. And don’t forget, you have to enter to win! Search every day at PCHSearch&Win to claim a daily entry!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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  5. Congradulations, best of luck to you.

  6. RICHARD RAY says:

    good luck in your newfound success at pch Kristin….but i have to finish my entry

  7. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi PCH and Kristin! I would love to win a SuperPrize. There’s a long list of things I would do with it. Need to finish my entries, another long day.

  8. I would help my husband who has an illness.We are losing are home because of my husbands illness.We are so far in debt and we are going to be homeless.So i would first pay all of are bills.Then i would buy a home in the country.I would make sure i got a house close to me for my mom.I would get all 6 of our kids and our two grandsons together and we would have a fun filled family vacation that we have never been able to afford so we can make some special moments with my husband who is ill.I would take care of my family and would help babys and children.

  9. Kanika Loeung says:

    Thank for you introduce us. I’ve had
    to claim a daily entry at PCHSearch&Win. Hopefully, I’d have fortunate to become the next winner!

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