Have a Star-Spangled Fourth of July with PCHSearch&Win!

Hi there, searchers! Gearing up for a star-spangled Fourth of July, I hope? I am! I’m looking forward to the fireworks display at the Bethpage Ballpark that evening. They always put on a terrific show. Aside from that, I’m hoping for a sunny, glorious day in my own backyard. But first I need to add zest to our Independence Day celebration. Some inexpensive red, white and blue decorations would do the trick. Then, since we’re finally ditching the ole charcoal grill, I have to find a gas grill in my price range. Next comes the barbecue menu. My family loves our traditional grilled sausages and chicken with shrimp and veggie skewers, but a few new recipes would liven things up!

Looks like the first thing I’ll be firing up isn’t a gas grill but my laptop computer and that popular resource –PCHSearch&Win!

Whatever you’re searching for, PCHSearch&Win can make your Fourth of July a star-spangled event! It is, after all, a powerful metasearch engine providing the combined results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing! Though I’m ineligible to claim a prize, I love that our searchers get daily shots at instant win cash! Do you know any other search engine that does that? I don’t. PLUS, after you log into the site, your first search of the day enters you into a PCH sweepstakes. Just think — your search for a fireworks display could win you a cash prize worthy of fireworks itself! (It could happen — Check out our millionaires on PCHtv!)

What could you search for that would make this 4th fun and special? Here are a few ideas that won’t break your budget….

* A free fireworks display being held in your area

* Independence Day crafts, like how to make “glitterworks” and confetti launchers

* Recipes for red, white and blue desserts

* Patriotic-themed hats and clothing

* How to assemble and mail a care package to a soldier abroad

* How to spray your hair and paint your kids’ faces red, white and blue

* Independence Day trivia to test on the youngsters

The list of things to search for is as unique as you are. So get started today on your list of Fourth of July searches, and may one of them result in a star-spangled win!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. Speaking of trivia: POP QUIZ! Can you answer these patriotic questions? If you’re stuck, you can always use PCHSearch to help! Then, share your knowledge in the comment space below!

1. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence, and where can you view it today?

2. Who designed the first official American flag, and how many stars and stripes did it have?

3. A fife and drums are featured in a famous patriotic painting. What are both of its names?


21 thoughts on “Have a Star-Spangled Fourth of July with PCHSearch&Win!”

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  2. Antonia Parham says:

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  3. Michael says:

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  9. Carla M Antee says:

    Happy 4th

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