The Prize Patrol’s Big Check Delivery Sparks Joy in Illinois!

Don’t look now, searchers, but the big Special Early Look event is just four weeks away! I bet you’re surfing PCHSearch&Win every day in the hope that your daily SuperPrize® entry will bring the Prize Patrol to your door with the famous Big Check! I bet you picture it happening six ways to Sunday!

But imagine for a moment what the experience might be like from another perspective.

Step, if you will, into the well-traveled shoes of Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane, and Danielle Lam. As members of the elite Prize Patrol, they crisscross the country, sometimes going miles off the beaten path, to surprise lucky winners wherever they may be. Can you imagine what that’s like? Days of careful preparation. Hours in the air, miles away from home. Sleeping in strange hotels and driving down unfamiliar highways.

But I’m sure Dave, Todd and Danielle would say it’s worth it. Why? Because one of the great pleasures in life is bringing joy to others. I’m sure that to our Prize Patrol, seeing that joy on our winners’ faces is both a privilege and an honor!

So you can imagine their trepidation when they approach a sleepy-looking house on a quiet suburban street, like they did last week in Illinois. Was Nora Gentry, the latest winner of a PCH Big Check, even at home? Would the excitement building up in them be let down when no one answered the door?

Luckily, Nora Gentry was at home. When she answered the door, surrounded by a houseful of excited children — who were way more thrilled by the balloons than by any old check! — our video staff captured the elated look on her face when she received the award for $10,000.00. Just the kind of joy the Prize Patrol, and you searchers out there, are eager to see!

It was a good day for Nora Gentry. A good day for the Prize Patrol. And a good day for you, too, searchers. Because whenever an award is delivered from Publishers Clearing House, you know firsthand that REAL PEOPLE REALLY DO WIN BIG! It’s enough to make your heart glad!

Okay, back to you: Now that Nora Gentry has joined our Winner’s Circle, isn’t it time you got in line for a prize of your own?

If you’ve seen our new commercials featuring former PCH winners and their children, you get what a blessing our new “Forever” Prize would be: You’d receive $5,000.00 every week for life and have the assurance that, after you’re gone, the checks would keep coming to the person you chose. Do you really want to pass up the win of TWO lifetimes?

I didn’t think so! So get a move on — enter to win. And maybe the Prize Patrol will have the pleasure of witnessing YOUR joy on August 31st!

Good luck!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

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Kanika Loeung said...

I wish to be the next winner on August 31st. I’d really love the Big Check that have my name on it.

Cindy Smith said...

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstake has been in our Family for Generations.
From my Grandfather, my Grandmother, my Mother, my Aunts and Uncles to me. Have not yet to win but I Don’t Give Up.
I have worked all my life, Breaking my Back raised three boys on my own, gone through Abusive relationship, was beaten badly, ended up living with my boys on the street, at friends, in tents but knew I had to keep going.
I have followed my Dream and built my Cleaning Business out of a tent, taking care of my boys, taking care of my Mother with Diabetes so my Father could go to work so they could pay the doctor and personal bills.
Trying to build my Business has been an Extremely challenge and still struggling to this day, But I don’t give up. I go to work worrying about paying my bills because I have alway put myself on the back burner to make sure everybody is Happy because I love to see everybody happy. I have been and still am going through enough sadness and pain to where I know that feeling and I don’t want nobody else have to feel that.
To this day I Financially Struggle building my Dream with my Cleaning Business and expanding it Nationwide, making end meat and knowing when I leave Peoples houses, seeing their smiles and excitement on their faces with them telling me how much they love me because of helping them doing what they don’t have the ability or the time to do themselves give me the Satisfaction of Building my Business. It is my Passion.
My Mother, recently passed away of 30 year Battle of type 1 Diabetes is now watching over me and telling Don’t Give Up!!

I know in my Heart and Soul, if I ever won, I will make sure to Put my father back into a home. After losing our Mother of them being married 42 years, raised 9 children with just my father working as a mechanic has let himself go from depression and is now in my shoes where I was, living in a run down motorhome, barely making it by.
I will give back to the ones that has been there for me and helped me through my rough and hard times, I would be able to Finishing Building and Expanding my Business Dream with Helping the unfortunate. Pay off all debts and still make everybody Happy at the same time.
I would even Pay back into Publishers sweepstake to support the :)
My Mother is watching over me and would be very Proud of my little accomplishments I have made :)

~ Cindy Smith ~
Cindy’s Cleaning Services

Cynthia Cannady said...

Will there be a short list for the Aug 31st prize??

Gail Timm said...

I sure wish that I could win. I pray everyday that it will happen. That would really help me now. Thanks you. Gail

Cynthia Collantes said...

How I wish I could be the next winner this August being a single parent then with 1 on the way would be right on time.Shower me with that blessing dear God!

Chris Hughes said...

I would also :) Being a single father of a few kids and having custody, things can be very hard. Doing what I can but this could help me give them the things they deserve and the things I never did while I was growing up.

nestor banuchi said...

I wish i could win the price to give my kids a better life and buy medication for my kid and give him a better life

paola said...

It would be unreal to win..being a single parent of 4 and going thru chemotherapy is not easy obviously I can’t work so this would be like the biggest blessing from God.

What do I have to do to win!? My babies need bunkbeds :)

paola said...

i can’t stress how much this would help my family…being a single parent of 4 is hard enough but for two years I’ve been battling with cancer and my life has been put on hold..can’t work can’t go to school can’t properly provide for my babies…a win would mean everything right now..only God knows how hard it is…I don’t want to win I need to win

John Jinkerson said...

add your comment here

Eva Delores Ritchie Force said...

Hello pch STAFF. I would do great things for people if I were to become the Big Winner August’2012-Eva Delores Ritchie Force.

Sheresa Williams said...

To GOD be the Glory. Congratulations Ms. Sparks & family & may GOD bless pch for being a blessing. To all the other anticipating pch members, all I can say is prayerfully , maybe one of us will be next. Be encouraged!!!

Sheresa Williams said...

To GOD be the Glory and congratulations to Ms. Sparks & family. To the rest of the pch family, prayerfully one of us will be the next door GOD will send to our doors or maybe a check in the mail. May GOD bless the pch staff for being angels of delivery. Be encouraged everyone!!!

Chris Williams said...

The money would be a great addition to my low paying job

Keeper of the Birds said...

#HopeOn cuz i am #InItToWinIt

JOY said...


Anuj said...

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