Leave a Legacy With The Help of PCHSearch!

Okay, searchers, I can hear you thinking: “Leave a legacy? How? I can’t even balance my budget!”

Believe me, I know the feeling. Yet leaving a legacy isn’t just about passing money down to posterity, though that can be part of it. It’s about who we are — the ideas and values we teach our children. It’s the products of our individual expression and creativity. The love we give and the good things we do. If you think about it that way, leaving a legacy sounds pretty easy!

I bring it up because I recently discovered that August is “What Will Be Your Legacy Month,” designated to raise awareness of the need to reflect upon one’s actions and the kind of “footprint” they might leave behind. My interest piqued, I used PCHSearch to find ways to commemorate, even celebrate the occasion.

Some suggestions I found included attending a charity function, repairing broken friendships, vowing to change negative attitudes, and committing to finding a purpose in life.

At one site, I learned about Legacy Parties, where people get together to share how they want to be remembered. Say Uncle Joe wants his legacy to be how he coached little league baseball and helped kids learn team spirit along the way. Maybe Grandma hopes folks will remember her for the quality of the heirloom quilts she created, and sister Sue for her encouraging words when others lost hope. Perhaps your deep desire is to leave behind a trust for your heirs and maybe even a gift for charity.

If that’s the case, what a coincidence! “What Will Be Your Legacy Month” just happens to be the same month as the legacy-making $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize event! And how convenient…when you use PCHSearch to research how to leave a legacy, your very first search of the day enters you for a chance to become a “Forever” prize winner on August 31st! Remember, that’s $5,000 a week for your life, then after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone you choose! Win, and the question “What Will Be Your Legacy?” will be answered in style — as a “Big Check”  is signed, sealed and delivered straight to your door by the PCH Prize Patrol! Wouldn’t that make your summer AND your life? Not to mention the life of someone you love?

Just think: If you won, you would never have to worry about balancing your budget again! And the “footprint” you leave behind could affect future generations!

Got your own ideas on how folks can leave a legacy? Why not share your insights with us in the comment space below?

Happy searching!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

59 thoughts on “Leave a Legacy With The Help of PCHSearch!”

  1. Lucy Bernier says:

    I have been a Substitute Teacher “FOREVER” #4900.With no complaints ,but for 2. No retirement or pension in sight. Substitutes don’t have that luxury. To boot, also Disabled my check is not enough so have to work. But a WIN can fix all that and more!Golden Ticket#4749,SUPERPRIZE #6900,Major Prize Winner #5035.NEW MESSAGE ALERT, Ms.Holland sent FINAL STEP REQUIRED /Completed? I’m Lil Sis looking to Help my Big Brothers. PCH complete my Bucket List. Thank you


  3. says:

    Good luck to everyone!!

  4. I am hoping and praying for the best! Good luck to everyone!! 😊

  5. says:

    I grew up family no money.

  6. Vickie Hale says:

    PCH, I was born April 7,1955 at Fort Lewis, Washington what you back in the day called a Navy Brat. I was blessed with good parent’s. Sure its nice to have things in your life a car, money but that is not the most important thing in life.What is important in life is a good set of Values and that is perseverance,strive, determination, goal setting. Sure you will hit rock’s in along the way of life but in the end it is up to you to pick yourself up and go again and never ever give up only you alone can make things happen in your life. Yes I had my moments in life and I had to pick myself up to go again.I had my first and only son when I was 17.I was married and divorced and had to pinch Penny’s to pay the rent or to put shoe’s on my son’s feet.I then married the love of my life my High School sweetheart and happily ever after. I know life is not easy as my father told me life is not a bed of roses. And so that is very true. It’s up to you alone the only thing I can leave you with is your elder’s may give you advice in life some of it may work for you and something’s may not but put the important things in your back pocket that may come in handy someday. It’s up to you to decide! I know you want to know how did VICKIE do.
    it won all that money well l will tell you it’s what I call values. Hard work, determination, never give up, strive.I was watching the television and a commercial came on it was called the PCH PRIZE PATROL so I thought why not try I have nothing to do since I am not able to work due to my disability. And started to think what it would do for me and I began to think that I could have my husband home with me he is always out on the road working and he could retire from his job. So why not I would give it a shot,let me tell you it wasn’t easy at all but I did have fun while I did it.A lot of late night’s,little sleep,alot of PCH SEARCHING I know you probably thought it was handed to me on a silver platter no it’s called hard work,never give up,determination. Good hard work never hurt me and look what I did I only had an iPod and a tablet to do the PCH on that would only hold a charge for so long so I would switch them back and forth to get my important searching done!!like I said it wasn’t easy to do try it sometime in the future and you will see what I mean I hope that you have learned something from me and may your life FOREVER be a happy one.

  7. Special Early look Mega Wife Grandma

  8. Cindy jones says:

    I grew up family no money. I have no money know so if i won the 5,000.00 a week forever gwy 4900 . My fortune has not been the best through the years. It would make my family so happy that i finally got a brake n can come up from below poverty n have a nice life n then leave them the 2nd life time so I know they will have what they need when I’m gone. I’ve had stroke n can’t work, can’t get ssi or ssd so I just don’t know what I’m going to do for money. I’m in it to win august 31st. Please pick me to win.

  9. Yes Yes Yes Grandma and Mothers day kickoff today

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