Leave a Legacy With The Help of PCHSearch!

Okay, searchers, I can hear you thinking: “Leave a legacy? How? I can’t even balance my budget!”

Believe me, I know the feeling. Yet leaving a legacy isn’t just about passing money down to posterity, though that can be part of it. It’s about who we are — the ideas and values we teach our children. It’s the products of our individual expression and creativity. The love we give and the good things we do. If you think about it that way, leaving a legacy sounds pretty easy!

I bring it up because I recently discovered that August is “What Will Be Your Legacy Month,” designated to raise awareness of the need to reflect upon one’s actions and the kind of “footprint” they might leave behind. My interest piqued, I used PCHSearch to find ways to commemorate, even celebrate the occasion.

Some suggestions I found included attending a charity function, repairing broken friendships, vowing to change negative attitudes, and committing to finding a purpose in life.

At one site, I learned about Legacy Parties, where people get together to share how they want to be remembered. Say Uncle Joe wants his legacy to be how he coached little league baseball and helped kids learn team spirit along the way. Maybe Grandma hopes folks will remember her for the quality of the heirloom quilts she created, and sister Sue for her encouraging words when others lost hope. Perhaps your deep desire is to leave behind a trust for your heirs and maybe even a gift for charity.

If that’s the case, what a coincidence! “What Will Be Your Legacy Month” just happens to be the same month as the legacy-making $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize event! And how convenient…when you use PCHSearch to research how to leave a legacy, your very first search of the day enters you for a chance to become a “Forever” prize winner on August 31st! Remember, that’s $5,000 a week for your life, then after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone you choose! Win, and the question “What Will Be Your Legacy?” will be answered in style — as a “Big Check”  is signed, sealed and delivered straight to your door by the PCH Prize Patrol! Wouldn’t that make your summer AND your life? Not to mention the life of someone you love?

Just think: If you won, you would never have to worry about balancing your budget again! And the “footprint” you leave behind could affect future generations!

Got your own ideas on how folks can leave a legacy? Why not share your insights with us in the comment space below?

Happy searching!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

30 thoughts on “Leave a Legacy With The Help of PCHSearch!”

  1. I want to leave a “Legacy Of Love” to enable Down Syndrome individuals.

  2. God morning pch and team is it col up there,we are freezing hawe use to 70 8090 so 48 hhim nothing moving Dow here ha when it Raine hard we have prombles being below sea level can you jut guess what would happen if it snow here in 78i think it did they shut down we all went out played no one could drive ha so you know,it got strange to say the least well just going by saying hi be careful in this weather.just saying hi nancy Diane wyatt.

  3. I would love to leave a legacy behind thanks to PCH I will be able to do just that praise God where dreams come true

  4. Monica White says:

    I really hope I have some luck FOREVER Lifetime. God know I would be the happiest person in the world. OMG If you could see my face when I just think of it.


  6. Christine Terens says:

    Well Hello there Joyce w. At pch ! what a nice story this is about a legacy. first of all I really like to say who ever thought of this legacy stuff for the family wow! The next is just to say what ever happens on that big day on February 28th 2014 sure will have a big life change. It is what it is. So for now its just waiting this out to see what going to happen. Right ! By the way thanks for reading this little note here in your busy day . Thanks , Christine Terens have a good rest of your day and evening . Its all about this waiting game to see what’s going to happen on this big check day ! wow right on . For now I have to wait . Till the day is .

  7. Valeria Sanchez says:

    Valeria Sanchez,
    Have seen to much of our land that is needs of assistance..
    I aleria Sanchez,made promised to Lord that Baytown Texas would be the first one to Starr of proof of the Greenhouse to protect the people food
    When I prayed so about the nation when I have the nation that we must work together as on and LOVE ONE ANOTHER.I have always look outside and that improvement needs of changes of the safety of living around chemical plants right in middle. Then when.I see that trash is on the ground that could damage the people just by having chemical of the trash that is never ever pick up.
    I ask and Prayed that clearness cones soon in Baytown Texas for the people. REMEMBER what do you see?
    Could you yourself make change for a better Life?
    I Valeria Sanchez can’t.do everything by herself. Then greenhouse needs come forth. When.people come to line up for food and I valeria Sanchez wants what is safe for people. Living around chemical plants is not safe. I ask and that the day will come that greenhouse is to come to a new beginning of life for people. I Valeria Sanchez made promise that when another seed is planted on the Baytown Ground that it will be taking care of by the greenhouse. My dream that the air,water and clearness of ground will come to help and protect the people. I ask when day come if I am to win the pchsearch winning I made that the new recycling greenhouse to come to baytown Texas the first one to the first project to give back to people.
    I pray who I ask to stand with.of wishes who know of what Valeria Sanchez dreams. Please lets Greenhouse come.
    I cry when I go outside and take my trash outside and still there is not a changes. If I could ever see a smile on face to that safely come first. The question who dare to judge me if the place judgment they need where do they live at? IS your own place right safe to eat off the ground? Can you tell me right now could pick a vegetables or fruit off a tree and tell me would you eat right then and there? Could you really make change by stop putting trash on.the ground, then tell what do you as person, do worry about a person or do worry about planet? What is important about life? If I would win,I would ask and that everyone look at what needs to changed,if you should place judgment on a person, please look at what IS TRUTH? never the fact who you its what you want you future. My point is the safety of the people. Could you make different, please bring forth the greenhouse as the joy of life of people. But dare to place judgment then you lost all the point of life. I am stand for a better tomorrow, if you want a changed then please let’s clean up the world. I am only a one person. Then if you place judgment on who I am,then do you love where you are now. Where is the greenhouse for people. I stand life. I dreams is what I see is life of new beginning now please look around where do you stand. I pray that THE TRUTH COMES. I pray in Jesus Christ that safety come first. I love everyone. Thank you. TRUTH IS CALLING?
    WHO DO YOU CALL?I pray that clearness come for the planet again. Please look around what do you see?
    Yes,I.pray that the greenhouse come. If I should win that my promise is come.

  8. Valeria Sanchez says:

    Hello Everyone on the nation of American,
    I know if it wasn’t from the help from you, I would have able to received a huge like this,my.main goals if this is the legacy of when the Huge Greenhouse is to start,this time.
    I have made promise, and this I must keep.
    Hunger must stop now.
    This where all of the main issue Thur out the world needs to be fixed.
    I would like the first greenhouse to start here in Texas of Baytown, I know that the air with the chemical has not well to keep the food from safe. I know that vacation is goals of dream.
    I would like for my children to share with too.
    I hope then of this day that I am able to meet President Obama with my son Matthew Fox by my.side.
    The promise is the be met. I know that Thur out the world that people will be help by my assistance too.
    I hope I am able to share of my gift with someone who will not hurt my family just because I am or will received this gift. I would like for the true one of my truth to stand with me, she is where my heart is. If she knows that who she is. I asked that I will be treated as person of honor. I promise to never hurt you. I asked you to share love with my children. I know the true one and TRUTH who knows me. I asked you stand with me and my family forever. Please do this in memory of Jesus Christ forever. I ask you please don’t leave again

    that where that should come to be a new friends forever. I know that others has not seen that pain hurt MT heart

  9. Rose Whittington says:

    I would like to leave a legacy to my husband Barry, and children, so for now I said thank you PCH for the chance to do that. I know God will have a home for me with peace love and happiness. And 5000.00 a week will help to.

  10. carl griffin says:

    To whom it may concern,being in poor heath at only 56, I hope i can winn so i can live a legacy,thank you Carl, titusville fla.

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