Go Team USA! Cheer Your Country On With PCHSearch!

Hey Searchers,

GO TEAM USA! If you’ve been lucky enough to tune into NBC these past few days, you’ve witnessed the Big Games in London featuring the planet’s greatest athletes representing their homelands on the world’s biggest stage. Aren’t you proud of how awesome Team USA is doing?

Now while most of us can’t swim as fast as former gold medalist Michael Phelps or jump as high as basketball superstar, Lebron James we all tend to share one unified common goal – cheering our country on!

If you don’t know much about this year’s games in London, here’s a great way to get a leg up on your family and friends! PCHSearch is the perfect place to find information on the world’s greatest athletes and MORE! Powered by the best search engines on the web including Google, Yahoo and Bing, PCHSearch&Win not only helps you find out when your favorite Team USA athletes are competing and whether they got that first place finish, it also gives you the opportunity to win cool cash prizes!

OH and did I mention it’s the only search engine where your very first daily search enters you for a chance to become the very first Publishers Clearing House “Forever” Prize Winner! THAT’S RIGHT!  On August 31st, YOU could win $5,OOO a week for the rest of your life, then – after that – someone you choose gets $5,OOO a week for their life!

PLUS, you don’t have to train year-round to qualify for this chance to WIN BIG. All you have to do to enter the PCH Sweepstakes is click on this link to PCHSearch! It’s that easy!

Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them!

Go For It! And say it with me: GO TEAM USA!

Matt S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Trivia Time!

It’s time to put your search skills to the test! Think you can answer all my trivia questions correctly? Let’s find out! Leave your answers in the comment section below! (Hint: Use PCHSearch to find out the answers)

1) Where are the games being held this year? (Hint: the answer is somewhere in the blog!)
2) On what day do the games end?
3) How many nations are competing?
4) Which country are you supporting?

10 thoughts on “Go Team USA! Cheer Your Country On With PCHSearch!”

  1. Donna Sanders says:

    Watching the Olympics always reminds me of what the human spirit body is capable of in London..ending August 12.2012 with 205 countries competing The greatest giving God blessed country in the world the USA

  2. Gail Timm says:

    The Olympic Games are fantastic. NBC has out done themselves showing us the games. Thank You, NBC & PCH. I watch them several times through the day and of course, cheer them on. I don’t have a favorite Olympian they all are my favorites.
    It is so nice to see something holism instead of the mess that our president has done and that the USA is in a very critical mess.

    Thank You!

  3. 1. In London

    2. August 12 2012

    3. 205

    4. Team US of A :)

  4. Tyrese Laster says:

    The olympic games are being held in London and on August 12th they come to an end. There are over 200 countries competing and the one I support is the US.

  5. the wright girl... says:

    i watched the news not long ago about the weightlifter,it brought tears to my eyes and pained my heart soooo bad for him,when his elbow snapped the wrong way trying to lift all that weight to win for his country,now imagine how president Obama feel for the united states.and all this mess with who messed what up is on his shoulders and trying so hard to get people to see that his effort to try foe us is not enough when all people are seeing is color and deciet of who is going to take over what area in the world.GOD did not pick spots in his world to take care of he sees us all as equal and is doing his best to see a way for us all.i know my blessing next and noone will change me or my mind any differently and not just pertianing to playing a game of chance i believe this in my heart that there is a better around the corner for my family+me to get a fulfilled worth in this life without other family or none family decietfuly and spitefully knowing my path and taking me down to see me in pain for their own comfort of ignorance.i have a dream and will follow it if the opportnity knocks on my door.

  6. Paul Richardson says:

    The 2012 Olympics are being held in London, England.

    The games end 08/12 then the Paraolympic games start 8/29.

    There will be 205 nations competing, 204 NOC and 1 IOC= 205 and there will be 147 nations in the Paraolympic games. Naturally, I am routing for the U.S.A.

  7. the 2012 olympic games are being in london,england. ends on august 12,2012.204 nationals are competing.i am supporting the u.s.a. and i am competing everday to try and win the pch.com sweepstakes this august 31st.


    WooHoo Go USA WooHoo the girkls gym team Way To Go! I wish the equestrian teams would be televised better! Any one know if the video’s after the Olympics will be sold some where? Go Team PCH-LOL-Lets get to my door so I can get this business off the ground for Equestrian eventors every where in the world! Thanks PCH Im waiting! LOL Good luck all! God Bless everyone!

  9. Kanika Loeung says:

    I’d love an Olympic games, they tried so hard to be a winner. I tried so hard to enter to play and to bet the winning number too!

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