It’s True! People Win At PCHSearch&Win!

When people find out what I do for a living, everyone always wants to know: “Come on. Do people win those things?”

It happened just this weekend. I ran into an old friend, Annie. After we chatted for a while about what we’d been up to for the past twenty years, we talked about our jobs.  Annie told me she was teaching.

I smiled and said “Looks like we’re both in the business of improving lives.”

“Really?” she said. “What are you doing these days?”

I said, “I work for Publishers Clearing House.”

Then Annie scrunched up her face at me and she said, like so many before her, “Come on. People don’t really win at Publishers Clearing House!”

And I said, “Oh, no. People win, it’s true!

In fact, just this week, I had the great pleasure of interviewing the brand new winner of the PCHSearch&Win $1,000.00 Exclusive Cash Prize — a prize awarded only to PCHSearch&Win searchers!

Trina D. of Springfield, IL, who usually does searches for health information and community events, had been using PCHSearch&Win only about a year when she won big!

When I asked Trina how she felt about winning, she said she didn’t believe people won at PCH either! “At first I did not believe it since the notification came in the mail,” she said. “I called the number listed on the letter which confirmed for me that it was real. Then I was very happy and excited.”

And with an extra thousand bucks to toss around, who wouldn’t be? I asked Trina how she was going to spend her winnings, and she said, “I am paying bills and taking one of my best friends out for a nice dinner.”

After I told her story to Annie, I joked, “Hey, why don’t you use PCHSearch? Maybe you can win big and take me to dinner!” I also told her, “And you know, just because you won once doesn’t mean you can’t win again…”

“Really?” she said, and I could tell she was intrigued now.

“Oh sure,” I said. “In fact, once you win, you kind of feel empowered that you could win again.”

That’s exactly how Trina feels. Now that she’s a believer, Trina’s also been spreading the word to all her friends. “Everyone was very excited for me and many people told me they were going to start using PCHSearch&Win,” Trina said.  “I told them it’s true! People win!”

Annie looked at me a minute or so, her expression now changed. She reached into her purse and pulled out her smart phone.

“What are you doing,” I asked, though I already knew.

“What’s that website address again?”

I hope Annie wins big — and YOU, TOO! The best thing about PCHSearch&Win is that there are winners every day. Sometimes multiple winners! Hey, why not YOU?

Now get searching!

Francine L.
PCH Online Creative


65 thoughts on “It’s True! People Win At PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. ethankcarla m Antee For Life myk says:

    Yes Win big

  2. ethankcarla m Antee For Life myk says:

    Again Seeing Double

    1. Theresa says:

      I think if they give more money prize under the number were would have more fun. Theresa

  3. yunet says:

    I have a great feeling that some day i would win this you just have to play positively, i have two kids and another one on the way they are my reason to get up and search every day, just to given some day everything never had.:-)

  4. Pch Newest Winner love to search

  5. I get that people win $1,000.00 on Search&Win, but that’s only $1,000/day. Where does all the $10,000.00 prizes go or the $5,000.00 a week for life prizes. And I see a LOT of $5, $25, etc prizes so I figured THAT’S where ALL the millions went was to those numerous prizes. Any ideas? Or is this where the money goes?

  6. I dont believe in this i have been like 3 yrs and nothing my sister arlene zampiello was signed up for many yrs and never won i lost her two yrs ago she had stage 5 breast cancer she had a believe that someday she was going to be a winner and travel was one of her dreams ,but she kept fighting till she got tired she passed away 4 days before thanksgiveing ,i have tried to keep up entering and it gets tireing ,

  7. I have always wondered if people really win this I guess if someone I knew won or if I did I would believe it.I have 4 kids who struggle everyday 2 of them are close to being homeless I know what I would do if I won anything,but I feel it will never happen to me so the only way I would get excited is they knocked on my door .And to ask how are the people picked as winners?

  8. darlene Villers says:

    My mom played it all her life and did not win and here i am playing and dream like she did..

  9. Carla M Antee says:

    Why yes

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