Please, Sir, May I Have S’More? Happy National S’Mores Day!

Sometimes I wonder who thought of eating certain foods. Case in point, who opened an oyster and thought, “this is going to be delicious.” Seriously, my mind usually focuses on the rather disgusting type of foods, but today that is NOT where my mind is at. Why?

Because today, my dear PCHSearch fans…is National S’Mores Day.

There’s just no getting around it…s’mores are delicious and everyone should partake in them as often as they can. But did you know that there are some people out there who have never had the pleasure of biting into a s’more? My friend Kirsty is an excellent example of such an individual.

She was over visiting from England a few weeks ago, and hanging out with my family when the conversation turned to s’mores and more specifically, how we wanted some. “What are s’mores? And what’s the big deal about them?” she asked and everyone’s jaw dropped.  We stared at her like she’d never seen water before.

My sister ran to get our s’mores maker. My mother headed to get the ingredients. I ran to get milk. She just sat there wondering why no one had answered her question. In a few minutes, all was right with the world when she had her first s’more.  Her exact words were, “Now, I get it.”

Between bites we talked about all the different types of s’mores that one could make. She suggested adding bananas. I suggested melting a caramel. Think of all the s’more variations that are probably out there! PCHSearch has TONS of crazy delicious ones I never imagined! And of course, searching will get you the classic s’mores recipe too:

  • 1 large marshmallow
  • 1 graham cracker
  • 1 (1.5 ounce) milk chocolate candy bar (like Hersheys)

Heat the marshmallow over an open flame until it begins to brown and melt. Break the graham cracker in half. Sandwich the chocolate between the cracker and the hot marshmallow. Allow the marshmallow to cool a moment before eating.

Mmmmm I can almost taste the marshmellowy goodness now! How about you guys? Do you love s’mores? What are your favorite s’mores recipes? Tell me what good ones you find using PCHSearch&Win!

Happy National S’Mores Day!

PCH Social Media Team

10 thoughts on “Please, Sir, May I Have S’More? Happy National S’Mores Day!”

  1. says:

    Loved that part when they scatter and she’s there going,

  2. Well, believe it or not, I’ve never had a Smote! But reading your letters, it might just be the time to try one, Thank you again.

  3. I haven’t had a smore in over a decade all I can say scrumptious.

  4. Gina Castanza says:

    Loved that part when they scatter and she’s there going, like “what is the fuss”. cute story. I should part take and learned a new holiday.

  5. I would love to have a smore sounds so delicious I wanted the machine for the microwave but before I could purchase it, in 2010 this time of year I had just gotten out of the hospital, during my stay the 1st day I was at the hospital the doctor ask me if I had ever been Diagnosed as diabetic and I said NO and he turned looked at the nurse and said get her on a insulin drip her blood sugar is over 500. I eat a little sweets every now and then. But i do believe a smore would cause my sugar to sky rocket. So will someone eat one for me.

  6. s’mores are you camping out or can have for dessert after a cook out.i like to toast my grahamn crackers while my marshmellows gets hot. and also melt some extra chocolate. then i bulid my s’more and puy it on a saucer ,an then put some v’nale icecream on top of it an drissle some of chocolate over it.try that i think you will like it.

  7. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi PCHSearch and Sarah, I’m glad you were able to show your friend. I feel like she missed a piece of childhood, but you brought it to her. If you have ever gone camping, s’mores is a part of it too! I think I want one now!Haha!

  8. Ronald Tosi says:

    S’Mores are delicious over a campfire.!

  9. Michelle Habrecht says:


    We are the S’More family during the summer months. I cannot tell you how fun it is to have chocolate, marshmellows, and grahamn grackers smothered together. The blast of one of the simplest pleasures in life is a S’More. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

  10. Kanika Loeung says:

    I need more time to find out from PCHSearch. Thank you for sharing us your recipes.

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