Want to Win “Forever”? Enter Now Before Time Runs Out!

Let’s face it, searchers: Online Sweepstakes don’t get better than the Win “Forever” Prize! You can use PCHSearch&Win to hunt for others — believe me, I’ve tried — but you won’t find anything to top a prize like this!

I mean, what’s better than $5,000 A Week For Life PLUS after that $5,000 A Week for the life of someone you choose? This is the stuff of dreams — made real by the power of Publishers Clearing House!

But you know what? While the prize winnings might last “Forever,” your opportunity to win it won’t! So if you want to win it, you have to get in it! Enter now, tomorrow, and every day until the deadline date of August 23 — there’s ONLY 8 DAYS LEFT! And don’t just enter at pch.com. Enter at PCHSearch&Win, too! Use it to surf the Web like you normally do, and claim your daily entry into the Win “Forever” Prize. If you’re new to the site, you’ll only need to fill out the registration form once. After that, log in and you will be entered automatically with your first search of the day. It won’t interrupt your searches, which, by the way, bring you daily opportunities to win instant prizes!

What are you waiting for? If you win “Forever” in our August 31 prize event, you could do things you’ve only ever dreamt of: pay credit card bills, doctor bills, tuition, mortgage — and enjoy the satisfaction of writing “Paid in Full.” You could have money to spend on whatever your heart desires. You could fund your retirement. You could even give generously to your favorite charity or place of worship. Awesome!

Best of all, you could leave a legacy for future generations! And don’t worry, if you win, PCH will give you 30 days to pick a deserving beneficiary. Then you could rest assured that, after you’re gone, that person would be set for life!

So why not make searching at PCHSearch&Win part of your routine? Search today and every day until August 23 for the info you need, and claim your entry into the “Forever” Prize. The door will soon close on your chance to leave a legacy, so get searching now to WIN “Forever”!

Good luck!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. What would be the first search you’d make if you win “Forever”? Give us a hint in the comment space below!

92 thoughts on “Want to Win “Forever”? Enter Now Before Time Runs Out!”

  1. Roy Twyman says:

    I want to win the super prize on August 31 2015 because I NEED TO WIN in GWY 4900

    Thank you😀😀😀

  2. Frank says:

    I love to win “forever ” $5,000 a week.Never give up on trying to win.gwy4900

  3. Della Hamby says:

    I want to win it all No.4900

  4. earl Stewart says:

    Pch:Gwy No:4900……pch:Gwy No:4950…….$5,000.00 a week “forever prize beneficiary”! On August 31st. 2015…….Plus $1,000,000.00……..”I’m claim both & more”! NBC here San Francisco bay area…….Big claim

  5. Jerry Pegram says:

    Want to win the Forever Prize and be set for rest of my life and my beneficiary afterwards

  6. Emma says:

    Here i am to Claim Forever $5000,legacy, Ford Fu, shopping spree, vacation, an cash. Yes i do dream. I also Believe more than anything i have Faith. Never give up.

  7. Sharon King says:

    Dear PCH,

    I am submitting my entry for an opportunity to WIN $ 5,000.00 a week ” forever ” prize on August 31st. Please activate my entry for an opportunity to WIN.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Sharon King

  8. I Really want to win 5000.00 a week for life, Im honored to have this oppertunity!!

  9. Joyce Zack says:

    Greetings, Joyce! PCHSearch&Win is a daily routine to claim the winning entry “Forever” event August 31, 2015! It will be a blessing to leave a legacy for future generations! Thank-you, PCH for this golden winning opportunity!

  10. Cheri izell says:

    Could change lot of people lives

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