Loads Of Back To School Ideas At PCHSearch!

From great backpack deals to homework help, make PCHSearch your source for back to school ideas!

Say it ain’t so!

It’s back to school time ALREADY??  Ok, so I haven’t actually attended school in years ― more years than I’d care to admit. But I am sad to see the summer go, since summer vacation for my kids also means summer vacation for ME!

I mean, I’ve been working here at PCH. But I’m happy to report that I haven’t gone over a single list of spelling words or worked on a science project in months! Just between us, <wink, wink> it’s been wonderful!

I know that some of our friends across the country have already gone back to school. Here in the New York area, classes start after Labor Day. Faced with the inevitable return to our school year routine, I made a list of necessities.

In a nutshell: 2 new backpacks, 2 new pairs of sneakers and the never-ending list of school supplies.

This job required a little online reconnaissance mission and that’s where PCHSearch came in. I needed back to school ideas, and with a few searches I was able to discover that backpacks are on sale at our favorite sporting goods store and I was even able to locate amazing deals on notebooks, folders, pencils, highlighters and more.

We’ve picked up a few things, but we’re not finished yet. Did you see the picture of my kids with their new backpacks? All smiles! Whatever you need to purchase this back to school season, why not search at PCHSearch&Win to find it?

And that’s not all! I’m counting on PCHSearch&Win to be my trusted helper all year long when the flood of homework hits! So when we need to find the Capital of Luxembourg, the square root of 5000, or the answer to any other puzzling question, we’ll have PCHSearch&Win on our side!

And guess what, fellow homework-doers and homework-helpers? PCHSearch&Win will be on your side, too. And you could even win amazing instant prizes when you search! What could be better than that?

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

10 thoughts on “Loads Of Back To School Ideas At PCHSearch!”

  1. Eladio says:

    thank you.

  2. Bobbie Moore says:

    This st matthew 18:19
    Bible prayer rug is soaked with the power of prayer for you.USA use it immediately, then please return to god it with your prayer needs checked on our letter to you god.it must be mailed to a my home that needs a blessing after you use it.prayer works expect God blessing.

  3. Qamar scego says:

    Hi Elaina,
    Greetings from my family..khanacademy.org is great program to help your kids understand math and science . The best thing is free..and you have a beautiful kids. I have 4 kids under the age of 4 . May God protect all our children….amen

  4. Virginia Willis says:

    I also am a grandmommy and not the mommy this year. Is it wrong to want my daughter to be back to school and it was me taking her back? I finally let go and enjoyed the backpack excursion with my daughter and grandson. We had a blast! I think more than I did with my daughter! We shopped all day and finally found the one we wanted online by going to Pch Search. Thanks to them we found everything we needed. Hopefully the gandmommy of the year! Ha! Ha!

  5. wright hopes 4 the wright people says:

    i got what i could for the school year i had my hopes up again with a fake sweepstakes invite,i know i should be more aware by now but i had to go see for my own curious vulnerability of need to see if hope really can be answered too. i have soo much time in and so less in recognition,i really am so worried of my life worth and am i really going to taken seriosly someday.i know what path i took but why drag me to a hope fountain and drown more of my fate with miserable lies.i think it is time for truth… and i have started in here.this is one of the hope boxes i have found and hope my efforts are correctly known.so many pages that say they are publisher’s clearing house,ms danielle i know what path i walked upon in this game and many others,people are just taking advantage of some of us that they think are too stupid to know better or will not fight or stand their grounds on their rights and set out to shatter what little hope some of us have and sit back and laugh at how they have crushed a dummy,i am not a dummy i am a humanbeing whom cares too much about others and i am played for the monkey on the shoulder type of being this is why i keep my hope alive and keep going i see no other way but keep tryimg to see if i am on track and get to live my own life how i need and want to lve it,and not be forced into problems known and unknown,i ask is there a way to hope or does this not exist too? dreams are only videos of what we wish for played for only one audience mind wishing to be reality….this site has more than one ending or page?whooooo knows?

  6. Michaela G. says:

    Thank you Elaina R., PCH Online Creative for that totally inspiring letter.

    YES, YES, YES, I use the PCH search and win page everyday, it is actually the best of both worlds. I have tested against google and it won or any other search engine, PCH always wins hands down!!! I love it and will not give it up. I too have a little one but his school started already and we use it for everything, so I totally know where you are coming from. Anyway I do hope you have a great start of a new school year!!!

  7. I just wish I can get a visit from the prize patrole some day. It would be a plesure just too meet them one time after 30 years of playing pch games. Iv never ever won any thing. But watching others win brings tears too my eyes of joy for those life changeing moments for those winners.

  8. Betty Blanton says:

    My grandson first year in College, I would love to help him and my two new grandsons that I waited 18 years to get.

  9. Gary Roy says:

    I already read your scripture about that need to pick up things to be back t school. Yeah I agreement and would be nice to learning anything we learning…. I love it Yes I should be go to scool someday. Thanks for your instruction so well. I like it. God bless you all


    Im so excited my grand daughter this is her very first year of school, so Im worried at the same time so so happy for her, You Go Elexa Grand Mommy Loves You!

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