Pre-Season Football Is Back & So Is The Prize Patrol!

Hey Searchers,

Do you have a favorite month? I know August is mine! And it’s not because of the nice weather that comes about. The real reason I look forward to August is because it offers us football fanatics a chance to get a sneak-peek into what our favorite teams are doing to prepare for the upcoming season. That’s right searchers! Pre-Season football is back!

For my fellow friends who aren’t familiar with Pre-Season football, it refers to a period of time each year during which your team plays several exhibition games before the actual season begins.  Sort of like “tune-up” games.

There’s so much excitement around this time of the year. Analysts and experts will discuss and make bold predictions about what teams are primed for a big year. Crazy fans (just like me) will start rummaging through their closets to dust off and throw on our football jerseys to support our favorite players.

Speaking of excitement, do you know what else is happening this August? In fact, in just days, our “team”, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol is going to be out on the “field” ready to award a lucky someone a life-changing “Forever” Prize. This August 31st your life and the life of someone special you know could be changed “FOREVER”. You see, YOU could Win $5,000 A Week for the rest of your life, then – after that – someone you choose gets $5,000 A Week for their life! How amazing would it be to be able to leave a legacy of financial security for your family?

OH! Did I mention how easy it is to enter for the prize event? All you have to do is head over to PCHSearch&Win and log in, and you’ll automatically be entered with your first daily search! Powered by the best search engines on the web including Google, Yahoo and Bing, you’re sure to find the latest and greatest news – like when and where your favorite team is playing, where you can buy jerseys and other gear, how to plan “winning” game-day parties and more!


Tomorrow, August 23rd, is the final day for you to claim your entry into the “FOREVER” Prize. So if you want to see the Prize Patrol on August 31st, get searching before it’s too late! The clock is ticking…

Matt S.

P.S. What’s your favorite football team? Comment below and let us know!


30 thoughts on “Pre-Season Football Is Back & So Is The Prize Patrol!”

  1. Nikia menifee says:

    Being a single father it would sure help I would go to school to learn how to do her hair lol…..

  2. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi PCHSearch and Matt S., Favorite college, ICC Indians, my son is a red shirt this year. Pro New England Patriots, my hubby is from Mass. And the Colts, I grew up in Indiana. Non football favorite team, the Prize Patrol and PCH Team of course!:)

  3. Yu Pyles says:


  4. anthony myers says:

    i have been playing for 20 years hopeing and praying that the pch prize patrol would show up. this year more so forever.

  5. Gabriel Velasquez says:

    Well I been in a hard position for a while specially since I parents worke in the field an I had to work there to an I’m still working but not at the moment I lost my job an my girlfriend just had our 3 moth old baby an we really need this to give us a step ahead but I wish everyone good luck an hope the money goes to good use not just greed

  6. Michael Reape says:

    I Noticed how Important my Initials (MR)Are to me and to be in the Final On August 31 2012, (PCH)5,000.00 FOR LIFE IS A DREAM THAT COME TURE……….

  7. Jason Brookins says:

    My son and I are going to our first ever pro football game this weekend. Go Saints!

  8. Garland Hill says:

    I used to “always” see PCH mail come to the house when I was growing up. Now all grown up I’m very “excited” to be a possible winner!!!-Thanks. :-)

  9. sharon carter says:

    Needing this prize in the worst way, praying everyday.

  10. Margaret cline says:

    I have struggled all my life as a single mom of 3 kids. I have always wished & prayed that the prize patrol would find their way to my door. Now my familys on the verge of being homeless & ive become really sick over the last few years. This award would be a blessing in disguise to help bring security back to my family. Thank you, margaret cline

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