Maximize Your Chances To Win Big With The PCH Prize Bar!

Hi everyone! It’s me, Danielle Lam from the Prize Patrol, and I wanted to show you all something I JUST LOVE! It’s the PCH PRIZE BAR! What’s that you ask? A tool that helps you take advantage of every Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes opportunity available and maximize your chances to win — and win BIG! Watch my video below to see for yourself.

What do you guys think? Isn’t the PCH Prize Bar AWESOME? I just love how it puts all my favorite PCH web destinations in one place:, PCHSearch&Win, PCHGames, PCHLotto, Save & Win, the PCH Fan Page — they’re all just one click away! And the fact that you can search right from the toolbar on PCHSearch, the only search engine that combines the results from Google, Yahoo and Bing is so cool!

Downloading the PCH Prize Bar is easy and only takes a few minutes. Just click the DOWNLOAD NOW button below to visit the PCH Customer Service page, then follow the simple steps. Once you’re done, you can enjoy all its benefits, including easy access to PCHSearch&Win!

So who’s with me? Who else loves the PCH Prize Bar and will be downloading it today? I hope the answer is YOU!

Good luck!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

66 thoughts on “Maximize Your Chances To Win Big With The PCH Prize Bar!”

  1. Diavion says:

    I really want to win for my grandmother because she was in a bad wreck and it totaled her car. She had a 2010 nissan cube and had just paid it off. It tore her apart when she found out her car was totaled and i was hoping by doing this she can buy her a new car.

  2. Please I have so hard

  3. Ronald Trahan says:

    Hea you guys and gals I’ve been waiting 47 years for the big one! Not even one prize. My first order from Publishers Clearing House was the magazene “Sixteen”, for my girlfriend (then) now my wife of 42 years. She says that I need to give up, You’ll never win any cash prize from these people! I hope you prove her wrong soon. Orderihr mags, and products are getting to be a strain on the pochet book.Licke you notify me “last chance”. Simply cant keep this up much longer. I sign this a true friend to the end…. Thank You for all the year as customer, off and on. Dissappointed. Make My day!

  4. selena charles says:

    I want to win a big check.

  5. diane vosburgh says:

    how do u download pch toolbar

  6. add your comment here

  7. luis says:

    i want to download the p c h tool bar but its unavailable error ect please help me obtain it I had it but some thing made it stop working so I tried to down load it again but no luck in finding a site that works

  8. suzanne says:

    If I win I’ll get rid of that damned MASTER card and think just think about moving

  9. Thank you so very much takes weight off my back I hope I can it all off

  10. ioneellis says:

    I was trying the blog with your clues Danielle And I’m afraid because it just said it keeps switching from one thing to another Please please i want to be in the race for this I really don’t know if someone is playing games not you someone else cause I know you don’t send that information to know one over this phone All I can say is in the name of Jesus I hope some way I can get through and be in the game cause something keeps stopping me everytime I try I don’t know if I’m doing it right Yes and I do pray and hope you are headed to Pennsylvania where I live God bless Danielle all of you be careful on the road forever you’re headed

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