Pick Your Own Apples and Reap An “Instant-Win!”

Here’s my pal Amanda C. from PCH Creative picking her own apples!

Summer’s over (awww!), but autumn has its own delights, and picking the perfect apple right from the tree is one of them! In fact, you could say that apple picking is an “instant-win” opportunity for the whole family! Along with fresh air and exercise, apple picking can be an educational treasure hunt for children and a delight for grown-ups! While your kids are naming the varieties and looking for the brightest, ripest fruit, you can enjoy the colors of fall, the sweet, enveloping apple fragrance, and the crunch of leaves under foot as you stroll beneath the leafy bowers. Afterwards, you’ll have the assurance that your “pick your own” harvest is as fresh as can be!

Last year, I was on a hunt for the perfect apple. For me, that’s the Jonagold. A sweet-tart cross between a Golden Delicious and a Jonathan, the Jonagold is a nutritious red-gold fruit great for baking, salads, sauces and eating out of hand. But it’s only available from September to October — and not every supermarket carries it. So I like to “shop around” for local growers using PCHSearch&Win.

With our powerful meta-search engine — where your first search of the day gets you a daily entry into the PCH sweepstakes and many chances for an instant-win — I searched for “pick your own” farms and “u pick orchards” near my home.  I found several family-operated farms up to an hour’s drive away. (I advise would-be-pickers to call ahead to be sure the farm is open, grows the apples you like, and has enough fruit for picking that day.)

Some of our local farms also offer other kinds of autumn produce, such as sweet corn, pumpkins, local honey, apple cider, and home-baked goods like pies and breads. I get carried away seeing all that wonderful food on display, so when I get home, I depend on PCHSearch to find ways to make the most of my bounty!

PCHSearch&Win can help you find recipes and cookbooks, plus the best apples for cooking, baking and eating out of hand. If you’re crafty, PCHSearch&Win can reveal ways to dry them for use in potpouris, garlands and wreaths, and how to make gifts like dried apple dolls, scented candles and table decorations. And if you want to keep your apples to eat or use later, PCHSearch&Win can find information on how best to store them!

WOW! So much apple searching to do! What will you search first?

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. So what’s your favorite apple and how do you like to eat it? Baked in a pie? As chutney, chips or sauce? Share your ideas in the comment space below!

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