Prize Lubbers, It Be “National Talk Like A Pirate Day”, Arrr!

When me CAP’N be telling me to write a blog to me fellow PCHSearch&Win buccaneers, I be shouting Yo-Ho!

But, me harty, how be regular land lubbers like you and I be preparing for such a fun day? If you be a SALTY SEA-DOG, like me, you be knowing that PCHSearch&Win can help turn you from a scallywag to buccaneer in no time.

But it be getting better. Whether you be a Jim Lad or a Saucy Beauty, be typing “Talk Like A Pirate Day” into PCHSearch&Win and you be pirate talking in less time than it takes to hoist the sails. Ahoy there maties, there be better news. For when you be using PCHSearch&Win today, a chance to be winning booty, doubloons and treasure be yours!

Indeed, yourrrr first search today, September 19th, will be a hidden treasure of entries. You be earning yerself DOUBLE ENTRIES for a $1,000,000.00 October 31st SuperPrize® Event with yer first search today, in addition to a $100.00 cash initials entry. That not be all! The PCHSearch&Win treasure chest also be bursting with the instant prize of a Dell Laptop computer.

Now I be hoping you do your own PCHSearch&Win searchin’ ta learn ta talk like a pirate. But let me be giving you a few pointerrrrrrrs ta help you on yer way. First you must be speaking in tha back of yer throat. And be making sure you be using strong vowel sounds.

Avast, me harty, now be it time to share some pirate words with ye, which I gleaned from after searching PCHSearch&Win:

  • Ahoy, a friendly way to say “Hello”
  • Avast!, a word to use to get someone’s attention or to show surprise
  • Aye!, a word that shows you thoroughly agree with someone
  • Aye aye!, a word often spoken to your boss to show you’ll immediately get to some task
  • Arrr!, this word can mean that you agree with someone or that you’re pleased with something
  • Beauty, a pleasant way for a pirate to address a woman … often preceded by “me,” such as “Ahoy, me beauty!”
  • Grog, an alcoholic drink … usually rum with water. But on “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” feel free to call anything you’re drinking, including water, grog
  • Smartly, to do something quickly, often used in a command (ie. Swab the decks, smartly, yer scurvy dog
  • Jim Lad, a non-insulting way to address a male who is a junior to you
  • Salty Sea-Dog, a respectful term for a male elder

“Talk Like A Pirate Day” be an international phenomenon now. Do be visiting PCHSearch&Win to discoverrrrrrrrr more  about this fun day. And should you be feeling brave, do be commenting below to give us a pirate-worthy Yo-Ho!


Elliott the deck swabber

31 thoughts on “Prize Lubbers, It Be “National Talk Like A Pirate Day”, Arrr!”

  1. Did he walk the plank yet,watch out for those big fish.

    Lorraine Schoch. Have a good day,everyone.

  2. Dorothy Boucher says:

    ahoy mate
    sounds like a bucket of sea grass coming me way, ar maybe its cash me be hearing, chaching chaching,,lol

  3. Linda Johnson says:

    Aye mateys time to get the gold!

  4. Ahoy maties, avarse I need to win your moolah. Please, I need to get another ship so I can sail back home. :-)

  5. josephine guthrie says:

    AHOY!!! all mateys on deck, ya be invited fer a special event of treasure seakin fun fer ye pirates at heart,chart yer course fer swashbucklin fun.Lads n lassies friedly grog, wave yer pirates flag if ye be attendin PCH SEARCH & WIN if ye dare Aarrrgh……. CAPTINS LOG -2012- Aarrrgh

  6. Michaela G. says:

    Ahoy! Elliott the deck swabber!

    This is so very funny!!! I think my husband and my son would love this but I do not get all of it. I am going to print this out for my salty sea-dog and my jim lad. Thanks!!!! It just brings a smile and I really need one right now. All pirates-worthy Yo-Ho! I think!

  7. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Ahoy! Me computer monitor went blank ye

  8. Make me the big winner so can catch up on my medical bills and help some of my cancer patients with
    their medical bills. I would like to play it forward .

  9. Jackye Clearwater says:

    Land Ho, Calling all who sail the seven seas. Start to sail towards Tampa Florida to join in the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. It is an Pirate invasion from Tampa Bay into the city on January 26, 2013. You can be a real Buccaneeer. There is grog, food lots of pirates and every type of pirate lingo known to man…

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