Turn Off TV and Turn On Life” with PCHSearch!

The Fall TV season has begun, and I bet this week you’ve programmed your DVR to record back-to-back premieres. But season premieres and new show launches aren’t all that’s getting buzz this week. Do you know what else is happening in TV-land? The absence of TV!

Using PCHSearch&Win, I learned all about it. Organized by the Center for Screen-Time Awareness, the national campaign to “Turn Off TV and Turn On Life” encourages families, schools and communities across the country to take a week-long break from screen-based media. That means switching off TVs, PCs, tablets, AND smartphones!

The idea is to raise awareness of the role television and electronic media play in our lives. National “Turn Off” Week asks people to consider the harmful effects of excessive digital usage, and inspires us to come together in real, healthy and productive ways.

I just used PCHSearch&Win to look for “Turn Off TV” Week and found a bunch of telling facts. For instance, according to the Center for Screen-Time Awareness, the number of minutes parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children per week is 38.5…as opposed to the 1,680 minutes a week that the average child spends watching TV? Think about that! Wouldn’t you cherish as much “prime”-time with your kids as the TV set gets?

“But how will I fill the time?,” you ask, “My kids will go crazy!” Fear not, that’s where PCHSearch&Win — the meta-search engine with the winning twist — can help.

Using PCHSearch&Win, I turned up lots of activities and entertainment alternatives. If you have young children, I’m sure you’ve read to them. So how about writing with them? Make up poems, songs, little stories, even start a paper diary or scrapbook of what you do together. This is just a hint of the new adventures you, your family and friends could discover without electronic media.  You can find many more ideas with PCHSearch&Win. Think of the priceless memories you could make! You might even “Turn Off TV and Turn On Life” more often!

So, why not join the more than 100 million people who’ve given it a try? But before you turn off your screen-based media for seven whole days, find out if your community is taking part by searching local events at PCHSearch&Win. Remember, we give away instant cash and prizes every day. And wouldn’t WINNING be a wonderful new “turn on life?”

Happy Searching!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. If you participate in “Turn Off TV” Week, please use the comment space below to let us know what and how you’re doing. We’d love to hear your experience!

11 thoughts on “Turn Off TV and Turn On Life” with PCHSearch!”

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  3. carla m Antee says:

    I searched enough

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  5. Rebecca Veasman says:

    If my grandchildren were not watching tv, they would enjoy spending more time with their grandma. it sure would be fun, if I didn’t have to work. The top prize would make that possible.

  6. Melzora Towne says:

    I have been participating in this for nearly two years, we don’t have cable, and the only way to get TV reception in our area is with an HD adapter so… I’ve been ahead of my time for this one. :) However I have no children at home now and hubby works a lot. So my entertainment comes from the neighbors WiFi that I “borrow”. I also read, write poems, cook, and knit to occupy my time when I am not at work and hubby is gone. We spend time together fishing and discussing news when he gets home. So I’ve been “Turning On Life” for a while now :)

  7. PaulaHoule says:

    Paula Houle ‘AMENDS’ not ‘ACCEPTS’/on red email you sent me today.’9-23-12’.

  8. wright on...... says:

    i have been trying to do this for a long while:”TURN OFF THE TV AND TURN ON LIFE” i have never thought about somethings in life as much as i have been lately through the years.i am not the one to run and do the things on televison but would love to experience the life of some of the shows i have seen and read about….it is time to kick the tv to the side a bit and try for the life we see on it,or at least try to make a difference with the one we have to better our ways and beliefs a bit and try to get along and make it to live and leave others alone whom try and wish them happy ways and go on with our lives.there is nothing wrong with imagination as long as you use it for abetter not to detroy a life by what you see on tv or read.”TURN ON LIFE”sounds real good to me,i know i am ready!!!!!!


  10. Kanika Loeung says:

    Sound good to hear and it is a great idea “turn off TV and turn on life”. But don’t forget turn off internet too. I have limits time for my children. As for myself, I turned off TV for a long time ago but I turning on PCH games instead.
    I wish to turn on my life with $1 Million and my children would be turn on graduate at college too!

    1. Francisco arteaga says:

      add your comment here ‘Indeed’ arrrr!

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