Halloween Fun Starts with PCHSearch&Win!

True, it’s been a couple years since I’ve donned a Halloween costume and excitedly, albeit graciously, asked my neighbors for candy.

“Say thank you!” my mom would shout from behind me. I ALWAYS said thank you — even if all I got were some pennies or candy corn. I hated those things.

Now, I’ve found myself on the opposite side of the door, graciously handing out candy to excited little ghouls, pirates and various superheroes and movie villains.

When I was one of those little ghouls, I thought Halloween fun was just about costumes and eating WAY too many sweets. Actually to this day, I’m still not completely sure about Halloween’s true origins. I know a few of the fundamentals, of course, but the other day, my curiosity got the best of me when I caught my first glimpse of Halloween decorations at the store. So, I decided to explore a bit and consulted the almighty PCHSearch&Win for some information about this dark and whimsical holiday.

Here are just a few of the things I learned about Halloween:

-This holiday came about from an ancient festival known as Samhain, in which Pagans believed that, on October 31st, the worlds of the deceased and the living overlapped, causing the reanimation of the aforementioned deceased (zombies? spooky!)

-Pagans wore costumes and masks in an attempt to appease the evil spirits

-Dressing up in costume and trick-or-treating harkens back to the Middle Ages when folks would beg door-to-door on particular holidays

-Jack O’Lanterns weren’t always made from those big, orange gourds we’re so used to seeing; they were originally carved out of turnips. Who knew!

Another thing I learned? You’re never too old “treat” yourself to some yummy Halloween fare…or Halloween fun! In fact, in addition to using it to earn sweepstakes entries and win instant prizes, you can use PCHSearch to find great costume and holiday party ideas; not to mention some great ways to trick your friends and family – but don’t tell ‘em I sent you…

Halloween is around the corner, friends! Don’t let it sneak up on you…start searching on PCHSearch&Win today!

Frightfully yours,
Jussie Wilder

P.S. Using PCHSearch&Win I discovered that for Halloween celebrations, Americans traditionally purchase almost 600 million pounds of candy a year! WOW! Can you guess — or search to find — what the top selling candy is? Here’s a hint: it’s NOT one of my favorites!

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Kanika Loeung said...

It’s time to let my kids to eat candies in onece a year! My favorite candy is Soft Coffee Candy. I will find out to know more about what is the top selling canday?
My birthday will be comening up in the mildle of this month. I wish to have fortunte to win $1,000.000 SuperPrize at the end of this October!

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi! Candy Corn must be one of the top. I don’t care for it, but hubby loves it. No one comes to our house on Halloween but I always bought the candy, and yes we always ended up eating all of it. This year just hubby and I, and I will still probably buy it. Some traditions are hard to end:)

Diana Hanlon said...

Well Halloween is almost here and so is the big prize coming up, And can’t pass out candy but have to work but I will miss all the little kids going trick a treating But I believe I will be dressing up for work we are going to have a party to see who is going to be the best cosumes will be the winner for dressing up, it wourld be nice if prize patrol show up and if they so I will be screaming.

George Davis sr. said...

Halloween Will is comeing and my children are adults now they dont wont candy But it makes me happy when all the tell me and my wife how all the grand children dress up in costumes and went out trick a treating.

Jerry Whitworth said...

Don’t be a spook at Halloween, wear the mask. Play all the way @ PCH every day and if the Prize Patrol comes your way…no mask will hide you from……………………….H<<A<<L<<L<<O<<W<<E<<E<<N!!!..


every morning i play the game? when i woke up / good morning phc.com staff nice morning good days to everyone out any were in the use

jose said...

Iam still searching : ) an hoping we can win. I love Halloween because of the candy an costumes an hunted houses I love going out to places an try to explore wit people an kids iam a going out person an like dressing up for Halloween every year . Happy Halloween to everyone out there an pch I remember wen I was 7-8 I used to go to our neighbors for the fun an I used to see pch letters they got in mail an coupons they used to get but I never knew if they won in the pch but they had letters on there table an wonder if they won or not never ask but I hope one day me an my family can win something some day ..

Michelle said...


We so enjoy having the kid’s pick out their Halloween costume’s every year. They all get so excited about what they will be for Halloween.
As the grown-up’s we too love Halloween!!! As a Mom I cherish helping them get their costume’s on and prepairing for the Trick Or Treat fun. As parent’s – don’t tell the kid’s but we pick a treat or two out and watch a movie after the kiddo’s have all gone to bed.
We love Halloween!!!!

Paula Houle said...

‘happy halloween’p.c.h.show me the ‘$’/PaulaHoule/

Roma Sue Noffsinger said...

This is Nice..Happy Halloween or Hallow Day or Day of the Died..

kathy smith said...

Hope everyone has a chillin ..thrillin….fantastic Halloween!…eeeks!!!…

Alridge, Relford said...

Happy Halloween everyone.

brandi smith said...

Happy halloween would be nice to have a happy halloween for once with my kids its a blessing coming soon for me i can feel it but im not sure win hope im rite thanku win or lose thx for the opportunity to join pchsearch&win.com brandi smith (bs)

thersia woods said...

O please lord let it be me

susan fink said...

Happy Halloween to all. I have to wait to see if I won which is the hardest thing to do. I will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks

thersia woods said...

Please let it be me .
I’m here and I just hope gods with me.

michael walczak said...

heloo pch and i would like to win 10,000.000.00 and the 1,000.000.00 plus 5,000.00 a week for life and the 1,000.000.00 a year for life and the three million dream home and the 5,000.00 a week for life and i hope you come knock on my door and have a great year from mike walczak