12 thoughts on “pumpkins”

  1. susan fink says:

    Please will you come to my home and bring us some money. Oh! Please

  2. thersia woods says:

    Yes im getting there . please let me get the money .

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Halloween to every one and be safe!

  4. Louise Hicks says:

    Sure could use the money.Hope to see the prize patrol with big check @ my house soon Hopely in october that would be a treat.

  5. Ramona Stevenson says:

    Happy Holloween to the all the Goblins&and Gouls and Im loving it lol

  6. Toni Bauer says:

    My co-worker thinks that PCH house is a joke. I would love to be able to tell her you are so wrong and text her a pic of them at my house.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      We have real winners of all ages and backgrounds. You can see them at our “Winners Circle,” just click the link at the bottom right corner of our websites. Please remember that many people enter to win and only one person can win the sweepstakes. To view the odds of winning, please refer to the “Sweepstakes Facts” and “Official Rules” of the entry you are submitting.


    20 years 0r more with pch.com and pray everyday and still never hear anything in my mail from pch.com at 58 saint clairs vlg morgantown w va i keep praying everyday good luck


  9. i love halloween,the spookie hay rides,ghosts an witches hanging from trees.the punkins lited up,the haunted house. and then theirs the party with games an plenty of good food an treats. frankenstine, count dragule,the mommy.warewolf.ect comes out. so much fun for one nite.

  10. Joan Colombero says:

    Is PCH a Trick or Treat?

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