Only 80 Days Left Till The End Of The Year!

PCHSearch&Win fans…I have a challenge for you….

It’s recently been brought to my attention that, as of today, there are only 80 days left till the end of the year! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m slightly wondering where the year went. Beyond that, as someone who has a hard time remembering what she had for breakfast, I’m now concerned as to what exactly it was that I did for the other 285 days that have already passed by.

Given the fact that I had to legitimately sit down and attempt to remember what it is I’ve done this year, I decided to challenge myself: make the next 80 days count. Of course, if the Mayans are right about the world ending, I’ve only got 70 days left so I should get a move on!

The first thing that came to mind with this challenge was the classic novel Around the World in 80 Days, in which a bet leads two men to attempt to circumnavigate the world in eighty days. With modern transportation being what it is, I know that this could be accomplished in much less time, but I lack the time and the budget to pull this task off so I suppose I should move on. Instead, I’m taking my list of what I wanted to accomplish and seeing how I can fast track it to make sure I most the most of my 80 days. Here’s just a few of the things that I intend to do:

So PCHSearch&Win fans, that’s my list of 3 simple things I want to accomplish by the end of the year. Now here’s my challenge. Make a list of 3 things that YOU want to accomplish! What’s on it?

Exercising more?

Eating healthy?

Re-connecting with friends and family?

Winning a prize from PCH?

PCHSearch&Win can pretty much help you with ALL of the above! You can find easy exercise routines, healthy recipes and of course, the winning opportunities are bountiful.  You can always check here on Mondays to find out what instant prizes PCHSearch&Win is giving away each week! And upon logging in, your first search of the day will automatically enter you into the PCH Sweepstakes, so make sure you take advantage of that!  That’s my challenge to you fans…so tell me, are you in?

Sarah S.

20 thoughts on “Only 80 Days Left Till The End Of The Year!”

  1. says:

    doing what His require of me

  2. I’m just looking to win

  3. says:

    whatever it is, i will be doing what His require of me.

  4. Alma Agner says:

    Still joyfully waiting!

  5. Alma Agner says:

    Still joyfully waiting

  6. carlos ramos says:

    Hello again friends and family readers snooping on my comment happy incredible perfect nice spectacular wonderful day. I’m here to say publishing cleaning houseing project I really try my hardest to impress your judgeing I mean welcome politeness to you all there and hope on you with luck too that I one day win that rich also meeting y all to become new friends . I make it my best impression to show you I need help and I feel rediscoverd with my self I feel I’m rich bye everybody and fabulous readers Love you all.

  7. Chante Ferg says:

    Only God knows……whatever it is, i will be doing what His require of me.

  8. Penny Jo Haskin says:

    ah ha…my comment is awaiting moderation…well, I assume that means that I am prompted to write less words…?? dont know, can someone enlighten me…my comment above written appears to be posted however I am not sure…thanks let me know..Penny jo Haskin

  9. Penny Jo Haskin says:

    1: Employement, must become either full or part time employed at a job that brings in enough income to meet my new obligations. PS my home that I live in has been foreclosed on. I am forced to move and the anxiety of the unknown is most overwhelming.
    2: Legal, obtain legal counsel to continue to fight the above noted foreclosure on my mothers home, that was in my opinion a clearly Predatory Reverse Mortgage, that not only illegally closed escrow, but became the death of mom in events following the closing of escrow mom and I became entwined in an ongoing fight to have her equity returned from an attorney that she and I hired within days of closing escrow, at the urgence of the Broker for the bank that funded the reverse mortgage…I believe my research has concluded that in itself is a breaking ot the laws of lending : CORPORATE LENDING VIOLATION, I am told ….however, trying to find an attorney is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, especially, when money is only from my fixed income of SSA. Iam on Disability pension.
    3: Accept what is happening as much as it hurts….remain faithful that God has a plan for my life, and as I pursue each day continue to take the steps (do the footwork) so to speak, that both lends to a positive outcome, (should I end up with the sheriffs at my door evicting me), and lends to having myself in check financially, able and ready to open the next door and handle the changes that come…Because life does go on, and no-one ever said it was going to be easy….FAITH HOPE AND LOVE…three words that lend themselves to my every day life…although I slip from these principles of living a little at times…I end my days and try to begin my mornings with a simple meditation based on these three words and a prayer that GOD DOES KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING…amen one day at a time…I AM BRAVE I AM CAPABLE
    and if winning the PCH sweepstakes happens to me, then that would be an answer…not only would my life become easier, so would alot of others in the world, because I already know exactly what I would do…donate to a cause or start one, that helps seniors in need, with issues concerning them and emergency needs that are hurting them. Also, would like to help improve research on Glaucoma…and help the victoms who are going through this horrible acquired eye disease that can cause evenually total blindness. This is what happened to my mother, at age 74, and within ten years even with regular treatements, Mom became 100 percent blind. RIP MOM I remember and miss you every day..Penny Jo

  10. Gayle Bell says:

    My three things to do for rest of year.
    1. Continue with novel in progress.
    2. Enter a poem every month to various anthologies.
    3. Most important; continue to count my blessings.

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