Behind the Scenes At PCH With The Woman Who Buys The Prizes!

Hey, searchers, if you love our sweepstakes and PCHSearch&Win prizes, you may want to give a shout of thanks to Deborah M.! As PCH Sweepstakes Administrator and Analyst, she’s one of the people responsible for making sure that everything you see in our sweepstakes is clear and comprehensible, and the part you’ll like best — that the PRIZES we promote are ready to be won! It’s a complicated process, but Deborah has it down cold!

Here’s a little behind the scenes look at her role at PCH. A graduate of NYU, Deborah started here four years ago when she was hired for the newly created position of PCHSearch&Win Prize Fulfillment Manager. Over time, her role expanded, and now her typical day includes anything from updating an Official Rules page to buying prizes and making sure our winners receive them.

The latter piqued my interest. Imagine being given carte blanche to shop for stuff people could win!

“Do you decide which prizes we should give away?,” I asked her.

Her response: “No, but I’m often asked for advice. Items may either be chosen from a special catalog, or I could be asked to order merchandise, gift cards, even cars!”

How cool is that? Deborah told me it’s also her job to upload the purchases into our PCHSearch&Win database and check whether winners have claimed them.

The winners are a big part of what Deborah loves most about her job.

Says Deborah: “I’m proud of what PCH does for our fans — entertaining games, affordable merchandise, and so many fun and FREE opportunities to win! Working in Sweeps Administration, I see first-hand how grateful winners can be, and that’s truly a rewarding experience.”

But “the best part,” Deborah says, “is that I get to work with smart, funny, and really nice people who are good at what they do.” “Like Edwin?,” I teased. “Oh my gosh, I think Edwin’s a hoot! It’s always so nice to see his cheerful face here in the office, and if I miss him in the halls, I can always catch up with him on Search&Win. I think I have a crush!” Deborah, you’re too much!

Like many of our fans, Deborah M. is a true do-it-yourselfer: Her favorite hobby is fixing up her home. So if she were eligible to win a SuperPrize (which she’s not since she’s a PCH employee), she said she’d: “pay off my mortgage! Then I would share the wealth with my fantastic family and close friends, and make a few donations to causes close to my heart, such as animal rescue. After that I don’t know…the possibilities are endless!”

Thanks, Deborah, for this “behind the scenes” glimpse of your role at PCH!

As for you fans, if you want a chance to win one of those prizes Deborah fulfills, check Monday’s Prizefest blog to see what you could WIN INSTANTLY today, then head over to PCHSearch&Win and start searching!

Good Luck!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

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