7 thoughts on “deborahm”

  1. Hi, Linda I just want to say that pch is the best in the industry in the world!

  2. Liliana Mfikou says:


  3. Catherine Setzer says:

    Just hoping to win someday as well, and to all of you at PCH keep up the great work you all do.Thanks Catherine

  4. I love PcH I hope to win some day. The people at PCH is do a wonderful job keep it up love to all of you! Eileen

    The people at PCH is doing a wonderful job thank you guys.

  5. walter tyndall says:

    Just wanted to say you are really nice and thank you for everything. God bless you. From Walter tyndall.

  6. Donald Nadeau says:

    I’m hoping you will thank me” when I split the winnings with you! Lol..
    No really thanks for all your work!
    Ill keep my fingers grossed!

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