Find Your Own Ways to Give Back With PCHSearch!

It may not be the holidays just yet, but Publishers Clearing House is already in the spirit of giving! That’s because The PCH Give Back is officially back. If you haven’t heard about The Give Back yet, here’s the lowdown:

-You can vote every day on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook for your favorite charity to win money

-There are 3 incredible charities to vote for: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA®), Susan G. Komen For The Cure® and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®.

-The charity with the most votes at the end of 4 weeks will receive an amazing $50,000.00! The second place charity will receive $35,000.00…and the third place charity will receive $25,000.00! All in all, that’s over $100,000.00! Wow!

-For every 5,000 votes we receive, we’ll award $500.00 CASH to a fan who voted and entered!

Pretty amazing, right? We launched this campaign with one goal in mind: giving back! We love making folks like you winners, but we know how important it is to give back to the community and to those who do so much for others, as well.

But voting isn’t the only way you can do your part — in fact, if you’re interested in taking giving back into your own hands, you can use PCHSearch&Win to find ways to do just that! After doing a quick search at PCHSearch, I found that you can:

-Assist local charities in your area by volunteering your time

-Participate in charity events (and since the holidays are quickly approaching, you will surely find many of those!)

-Volunteer at local animal shelters

-Make yourself available around the holidays to help out in local soup kitchens

And so much more! If you want to give back, PCHSearch will help you find so many ways to help make a positive impact in your community. So go on and start searching now! And who knows…maybe you’ll wind up winning an instant prize just for searching!

All the best,
Jussie Wilder

P.S. Edwin LOVES to give back and wants to remind all you PCHSearch fans to vote for your favorite charity in the PCH Give Back! He also wants to know which charity YOU are voting for? Comment below and let him know!

The Give Back promotion will run from October 9, 2012 – November 5, 2012.  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, and the ASPCA® will each receive a guaranteed minimum contribution of $25,000.  The maximum contribution for the winning charity is $50,000.

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Kanika Loeung said...

My favorite charity in the PCH Give Back is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. I done voting it and hoping that charity will be a priority to win at the end of this year.

Diana Hanlon said...

I did my charity everyday for ASPCA and it would be nice to help the animals. I also would like to have the Tshirt of the Giveback that this girl is wearing I belive who every did there entering the giveback deserve to have a Tshirt pch would make them have a smile on there faces.

Pamela Crutcher said...

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!!

Vanessa Thompson said...

What a great idea. Each Charity Recieves a donation! I like thes. Will spread this across the social web .

jose said...

I would like to vote but I dnt like Facebook never did sorry

laura christian said...

my favorite charity in pch give back is the susan g. komen cure for cancer

kelly ray said...

i am having a promblem with instant win is it my computer
or is it the web site please
can you help me

Robert Wood said...

All living creatures are important, but to me people are more important than animals. Yes, a person 50 to 60 years old is important, but a child just starting out in life, I think should get my vote. That’s why I voted for St. Jude Children’s Reseach Hospital. Please join my humble, but most accurate opinion.

Martha Higgins said...

Since St. Jude first started, they have made great medical discoveries, and have helped countless thousands of cancer victims. Thanks to the tireless efforts of their founder, Danny Thomas, and the continuing efforts of Marlo Thomas,his daughter, St. Jude is still many children that can not count on family income to pay the costs involved.
Though my younger brother could not be saved, as he likely arrived too late in 1962, the illness was easier for him to bear under the tender care given there. His mind was sharp, and he learned by experience to use his magic tricks and voice impersonations to cheer up younger kids. Armed with his many puppets, he held a show daily until he was too sick. At least the easement of his pain made his stay better than he had used to in other hospitals. Today St. Jude is much more advanced.

joe cerminara said...

my favorite charity is Fellow Mortals inc. in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. They rescue and rehab injured or abandoned wildlife and re-introduce the animals back in to the wild. They due this all through donations and is a not for profit organization.