Go “Nuts” with PCHSearch and Crack Open an Instant Prize!

Hey, searchers, are you feeling a little nutty today? Could be because today is National Nut Day! Launched in the United Kingdom by Liberation Foods CIC, a 100% Fairtrade nut company owned and operated by small-scale farmers around the world, National Nut Day celebrates nuts as a delicious, “nut”ritious snack food that’s also good for the environment.

Back in the day, nuts used to be one of those foods dieters like me were told to avoid because they were considered high in calories. But now we know that nuts contain the kind of fat that’s good for you — monounsaturated fat, as well as fiber, protein, antioxidants and minerals. If you’re looking for a snack that will help lower your cholesterol and protect the health of your heart, you can’t go wrong with nuts!

There are so many different kinds of nuts, so many exotic places they come from, and so much you can do with them, that it’s a perfect term for searching! So why not “go nuts” and use PCHSearch&Win to learn more about this wonderfully healthy food and find new recipes that feature it? Who knows? While you’re searching, you may “crack open” an instant prize!

Speaking of which…

We’re going “nuts” for gift cards this week! Check out what YOU could win….

Monday 22: The Prize of the Day is five $50.00 Stubhub Giftcards PLUS Double Entries to our Exclusive $5,000.00 Giveaway. And that’s not peanuts!

Tuesday 23: Five $100.00 HSN Gift Cards

Wednesday 24: 25 $20.00 Barnes & Noble Gift Cards

Thursday 25: Win Cash All Day Long!

Friday 26: Prizes totaling over $3,000.00 will be awarded today! Includes gift cards for eBay, McDonald’s, Bed, Bath& Beyond, American Express, Kohl’s, and more!

Saturday 27: Five $100.00 Ikea Gift Cards

Sunday 28: 10 $50.00 TJ Maxx Gift Cards

And don’t forget — with your first search of the day, you receive an entry to win a life-changing Mega Prize on November 30th! Imagine winning $5,000.00 A Week for Life PLUS $1,000,000.00 on the spot — would you “go nuts” spending, or would you “squirrel” it away?

Whatever you’d do with an instant-win windfall or a millionaire-making Mega Prize on November 30th, you’d be “nuts” not to log onto PCHSearch&Win and start searching today!

So get cracking!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Check out today’s PCH Blog “Girls of Fall” video where Laura shows off a Deluxe Nutcracker that’s a must-have for any nut lover!

36 thoughts on “Go “Nuts” with PCHSearch and Crack Open an Instant Prize!”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    My lucky Nut would have 7000.00 a Week Gwy No 4900

  2. Stephen Milo says:

    Wow. How exciting to have a chance to win with pch. We appreciate you at pch. I lost my sweetheart wife in hit and run Christmas a few years ago. I need a new leg after a fall off roof Thanksgiving of 2000. My leg is fused 3 ” shorter with shoe lift and blood clots. Medical is so expensive. Once again thanks for the opportunity for us. Good luck to all. Blessings. Steve :-)

  3. Carla M Antee says:

    I Would like to go nuts and crack open a prize

  4. I would love to win the millionaire making superprize, on january 20th, and help all my family, friends, st judes, food bank, the church, thank you pch, amen

  5. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    Hi PCHSearch&Win.! It would be grateful if the Publishers Clearing House accepted my Claim for the 10 Entries Or 10 Chances for opportunity to become a winner from this last day of 20 Prizes Totaling Unclaimed $3,000.00 from PCH Gwy.No.5138A!

    Plus, Entries for win a $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize On January 20th from PCH Gwy.No.3577. ThankYou PCHSearch

  6. Kay Arai says:

    It is a really bonus for me to win one out of 20 unclaimed prizes!

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