PCHSearch&Win Puts Its Paws Together For Dog Dress Up!

Look around carefully this Halloween and you’ll notice that some of the best costumes are not the ones found on the children who are trick-or-treating, those marching in the Halloween parade or even the guests at your neighbor’s annual Halloween party. This year, some of the greatest get-ups for the haunting holiday can be found on man’s (woman’s and child’s) best friend.

That’s right. Dog dress up is taking over Halloween and the holiday has never been cuter! If you want to find the perfect costume for your pooch, why not perform a quick search on PCHSearch&Win? It’s a great way to find costumes or anything else you may want to look-up. Remember, PCHSearch&Win gives you the best results from the top search engines powered by Google and Yahoo. Plus, it’s the only search engine that gives you the chance to win a millionaire-making, life-changing Mega Prize!

A search at PCHSearch&Win allowed me to enjoy an adorable display of some of the coolest dog dress up costumes out there. Guess what I found?  A beagle dressed as a devil…a Labrador as a unicorn…and even a bulldog ballerina! Dogs aren’t the only ones fetching the best costumes on Halloween. Another search on PCHSearch&Win returned lots of fun links including a black cat dressed as a witch, a turtle as a spider, and even a pig dressed as – what else? – a piggy bank!

My search results also returned links to important safety information to keep in mind for your pet during the holiday. I even found great tips like:

1) Don’t put your pets in costumes that impede your pet’s ability to breathe or walk

2) Make sure there are no pieces on the costume on which your pet could choke

3) Be careful of all that candy; chocolate can be very dangerous for pets.

Some well-loved pets of our very own PCH staffers have been known to step-out in style for Halloween, too. Check out these photos of PCH pooches decked-out for Halloween:

Here’s Sarah’s sweet little hot dog, Rufus:

Debbie’s darling, Pony, readies himself for a Mexican Hat Dance. Ole!

Kim’s cutie, Snoop, uses his Snoop-sense to put his own spin on Spiderman:

Our own Danielle Lam’s Juliet and Grizzly are dressed to tie the leash:

Aren’t they cute?!?

If you’re dressing your pet for Halloween, you’re sure to find a costume that’s a real winner when you search at PCHSearch&Win. Who knows? While searching, you may even become a real winner yourself!

Happy Halloween!
Kate M.

P.S. Do you love dog dress up? What costume are YOU or YOUR PET wearing this Halloween? Tell us in the comments section below!

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