Meet PCHSearch&Win Exclusive Big Winner, Alicia W.!

Hello PCHSearch&Win Friends!

There are lots of good things about working behind the scenes here at PCHSearch&Win. But, I’d have to say that that one of the best parts is getting to interview Big Winners!

You probably know that you could win instantly just for searching at PCHSearch&Win. But, did you know that there are also special entry opportunities for our most engaged Members?

Recently, I had the good fortune to catch up with Alicia W., of Virginia who won an Exclusive $1,000.00 Prize from PCHSearch&Win!

Before she became a winner, Alicia had been using PCHSearch&Win for about three years and would search for a variety of things. As it so happened, one of her searches put her in the running for a $1,000.00 Prize, just for PCHSearch&Win Members.

After all timely entries were received and a random drawing was held, Alicia was named the $1,000.00 big winner!

Alicia was extremely surprised when she received the good news. “I was not sure at first that it was real,” she admitted.

But I’m pretty sure it will feel real this holiday season when Alicia has extra money to spend! She shared that she intends on putting her winnings towards Christmas presents and paying some bills.

“I definitely feel very fortunate to receive this money,” she exclaimed! “If it were to happen again, I would welcome it!”

Now that Alicia is a PCHSearch&Win big winner, I asked her what she would say to her friends about the experience.  She said she would tell them, “ENTER, ENTER, ENTER! It IS real!”

Sounds like good advice. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Doesn’t this inspire you to use PCHSearch&Win for all your daily web searching?  With results from Google and Yahoo, PCHSearch&Win is a Search Engine you can count on!  Who knows…  you could win instantly — or you could win an Exclusive Prize for members only, just like Alicia!

Happy Searching and Good Luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

34 thoughts on “Meet PCHSearch&Win Exclusive Big Winner, Alicia W.!”

  1. candance chambers says:

    Hello mr sayer im claiming my 3 entries I trully want to win the 1,000.00 online exclusive prize winner from pch give away no: 5167 by june 15th an in my email it says its for today only you being granted Triple entries for this thrilling cash award accept them by searching 3 times to claim them it all on june 30th. an the 2million up front an 10,000.00 a month for life an a lincoln mkz worth 37,000.00 from pch give away no: 4900 all this would help me an my children to live a better life.thank you mr Dave Sayer .

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  3. I would love to win this opportunity for me #5166 ,would love to win this opportunity.

  4. Ricardo Vinas says:

    Verificationpc240trying to enter thecode it was mailed cite strike strong february 27from pch gwy no 3080 the forever prize number diposit on the winner selection list for you by searching today you will receive 2$.000.00Cash bonus from pch gwy no 3600 when the prize patrolvisite you in bell.

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