PCH Prize Event Day Is Here! Follow The Prize Patrol All Day!

Hey Searchers,

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! Today is Friday, November 30th…and you know what that means! The Prize Patrol is out on the road, RIGHT NOW, in hot pursuit of our newest Millionaire!

I’m so excited I’m having a tough time even writing this blog! There’s so much buzz and anticipation here at Publishers Clearing House Headquarters in Port Washington, NY, I can’t even begin to hear myself think!

All of us PCH’ers are wondering: Where are Todd, Danielle and Dave heading right now? Who is the lucky winner? And what will his or her reaction be???

Just a moment ago, I had a chance to catch up with Maryann Carter, Publishers Clearing House Contest Manger. I tried to pry any information possible about our big November 30th Prize winner, but she wouldn’t budge…

“When someone’s life is about to be changed in such a big way, we want to make sure that they are truly given the surprise of a lifetime,” said Maryann. “It’s such a closely guarded secret, PCH’ers don’t even know who the winner is until the moment happens!

Even with so much commotion and speculation going on over here…did you know that you could do some investigating yourself to find out where the Prize Patrol might be headed? That’s right! YOU can follow the Prize Patrol all day long as they travel to award The Big Check to our newest winner!

If you “like” Danielle Lam Prize Patrol’s Fan Page on Facebook, you can get hints, updates and photos about where the Prize Patrol is as they make their way to the winner’s home.

You can also head over to the PCH Blog where there will be CLUES ALL DAY LONG and maybe even some fun pictures!

And by the end of the day, the PCH Fan Page and the PCH Blog will post the exciting winner announcement! I can hardly wait!!!

So what are you waiting for? Head over now to Danielle Lam Prize Patrol’s Fan Page for updates and the PCH Blog RIGHT NOW for clues, and who knows… maybe they will lead directly to your very own home!

Comment below and tell us whose home you hope the Prize Patrol goes to today!

Good Luck!

Matt S.
PCH Creative

41 thoughts on “PCH Prize Event Day Is Here! Follow The Prize Patrol All Day!”

  1. I hope your coming to my apartment , I have a story to tell you about a steak I cooked for End McMahon… :)

  2. says:

    would like to meet y’all and would like to win

  3. sharongoodloe says:

    Please come to my house in harrisonburg va,would like to meet y’all and would like to win, hope to see you danielle, and dave and the crew

  4. sharongoodloe says:

    Please come to harrisonburg va,would like to win, and see the prize patrol van,I have been playing and entering all the time, hoping for a chance to win

  5. Herschey_bar@yahoo.com says:

    Hey pch come to Maud Oklahoma with a big check.

  6. Jerry Pegram says:

    Love to win the money today!!!!!!!!

  7. william kuenniger says:

    iam looking for pch showing up in lilliwaup Washington its going to be a shock for sure,se you here pch.

  8. dorothy king says:

    Hi Danielle it sure would be nice to See y’all come to my house I would love to be the winner of that much money to give my family a better life.so maybe if I looknout of window to see if there will be prize patrol van in my yard but unfortmateley i dont ever hitnit that lucky


    i played very hard and enter every day so please i deserve to win.

  10. dorothy king says:

    Hurry prize patrol come to my house in ala can’t wait until maybe I get to meet y’all finally

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