PCH Prize Event Day Is Here! Follow The Prize Patrol All Day!

Hey Searchers,

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! Today is Friday, November 30th…and you know what that means! The Prize Patrol is out on the road, RIGHT NOW, in hot pursuit of our newest Millionaire!

I’m so excited I’m having a tough time even writing this blog! There’s so much buzz and anticipation here at Publishers Clearing House Headquarters in Port Washington, NY, I can’t even begin to hear myself think!

All of us PCH’ers are wondering: Where are Todd, Danielle and Dave heading right now? Who is the lucky winner? And what will his or her reaction be???

Just a moment ago, I had a chance to catch up with Maryann Carter, Publishers Clearing House Contest Manger. I tried to pry any information possible about our big November 30th Prize winner, but she wouldn’t budge…

“When someone’s life is about to be changed in such a big way, we want to make sure that they are truly given the surprise of a lifetime,” said Maryann. “It’s such a closely guarded secret, PCH’ers don’t even know who the winner is until the moment happens!

Even with so much commotion and speculation going on over here…did you know that you could do some investigating yourself to find out where the Prize Patrol might be headed? That’s right! YOU can follow the Prize Patrol all day long as they travel to award The Big Check to our newest winner!

If you “like” Danielle Lam Prize Patrol’s Fan Page on Facebook, you can get hints, updates and photos about where the Prize Patrol is as they make their way to the winner’s home.

You can also head over to the PCH Blog where there will be CLUES ALL DAY LONG and maybe even some fun pictures!

And by the end of the day, the PCH Fan Page and the PCH Blog will post the exciting winner announcement! I can hardly wait!!!

So what are you waiting for? Head over now to Danielle Lam Prize Patrol’s Fan Page for updates and the PCH Blog RIGHT NOW for clues, and who knows… maybe they will lead directly to your very own home!

Comment below and tell us whose home you hope the Prize Patrol goes to today!

Good Luck!

Matt S.
PCH Creative

68 thoughts on “PCH Prize Event Day Is Here! Follow The Prize Patrol All Day!”

  1. JOHN says:

    Please let it this time to be me i will not only think of my familey but to think of others as well and we’ll get out on to the streets and bless those less fortunate then I a to donate my time helping others.who I think deserve ba second chance at a better life then the one they grew up in. You see I grew up in the projects so I know what they old mighty dollar really means.. I thank every day to the man up stairs. With out him nothing is possible

  2. Julia nickel says:

    I’m hoping they come to Nebraska

  3. diane l tall says:

    im hoping to win if my number is picked i dont know how to change my p.o.box to a street adress it was p.o.box781 now new adress 230 person street shepherd tx. iwill build a new home for mine burnt down so im hoping i will win one day . and e mailis diane.tall@yahoo.com some reson barbra durfee keeps pooping up i sure hope you find me

  4. Diljot ghuman says:

    You guys should stop in ca state because I been waiting from the day one putting the entrys and I got the office email from you for being a early winner for the june30th hopefully will stop by my state ca and will superise me with the flowers and with check. To help me out get my college down and get my handicap bro all the other medical stuff he needs and haven’t able to buy because of not having a lot of money. And which makes his treatment stops. So I will pray an just Waite on you prize patrol

  5. Nance parra says:

    I’ll be waiting on June 30, 2016 as the prize patrol stops
    At my senior apts, and every one will be happy.

  6. I play and pray daily that the prize patrol comes to Lavonia Ga. Where its much needed.

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