Countdown to New Year With Awesome Prizes At PCHSearch!

Hello, Searchers!

And so the countdown begins! There are exactly 4 weeks left ’til the end of the year! While that definitely doesn’t sound like a lot of time, it actually means that you have 28 days to make your New Year’s resolutions (if you so desire), 28 days to plan a rockin’ party for friends and family and 5 Prizefest Mondays! That’s a lot of prizes, wouldn’t you say?

Thankfully, PCHSearch&Win is there to help you out in so many ways – and while there is never a “bad” time to use PCHSearch, it’s especially useful around these times. Think of all the party-planning and gifting options you can search for. Have a New Year’s resolution you’d like to get an early start on? You can search for tips and other valuable information so you can kick 2013 off on the right foot!

The perks of PCHSearch just keep on coming, though, because today is one of December’s 5 Prizefest Mondays and here is a lowdown of the loot you could win:

Monday, 12/3: There will be a winner EVERY HOUR today – PLUS, a cash winner every 15 minutes starting at 7pm ET! Sounds good to me!

Tuesday, 12/4: Today calls for $1,000.00 Fast Cash! Don’t lose sight of that cash…it’ll go fast!

Wednesday, 12/5: Time to decorate your home with holiday cheer – do it with a $500.00 Home Depot gift card!

Thursday, 12/6: Everyone’s traveling for the holidays, and a $500.00 Travelocity gift card will help you do just that!

Friday, 12/7: Start 2013 off with a fresh start and pay off those pesky bills with $500.00 cash.

Saturday, 12/8: Have a sports fan aching for some new gear? How does a $100.00 Sports Authority gift card sound?

Sunday 12/9: …and here’s the grand finale! Over $2,000.00 cash will be awarded! WOW!

There you have it, folks! Go on and get searching…and have a great week!

Best of Luck,

Jussie Wilder

8 thoughts on “Countdown to New Year With Awesome Prizes At PCHSearch!”

  1. To pay off everything, and come out of the other end of the tunnel with all of the weight off of my shoulders.


    To pay off everything, and come out crystal clear.

  3. Claudia Fiedler says:

    Yeah!!!! It’s almost here for big big check to come to my front door to make me a millioaire and change my life forever- all prizes from gwy: 3080, 4900, 3814, 3726, 3727, 4555 and 34006 happy day!!!! Thank you PCH

  4. This is crazy. You enter for these chances to win you play these non-winning games,you get tokens that do not give u anything and at the end some problem happens that does not enter u to win anything, U go under search and win and u never confirm anything,

  5. HI PCH TODAY ITS LAST DAY AND I WANT TO WIN PCH GWY NO.3080 5000 A Week forever also i want to win PCH GWY NO. 4900 ,GWY NO. 3814 GWY NO.3727 GWY NO 4555 PLUS Super prize PCH GWY 3726.GWY NO.34006

  6. jeffrey chatmon says:

    I would love to help family and to live right. Not in vain either. Help the one’s that need help and give to the one who deserves it.

  7. Debby R says:

    Id like to win to help others nd pay all my bills off….

  8. suzanne says:


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