Interview with Kevin…the Newest Member of PCHSearch&Win!

From the outside, when you all go visit PCHSearch&Win, it seems like a simple enough concept. You type something into a search bar and you get results. If you’re one of the lucky searchers, you’ll get a notification that you’ve a won a prize. It really is that simple on the outside. On the inside, there are many people who work fluidly to keep your favorite search engine running, and I’m here to introduce you to another one! Searchers…meet Kevin C, PCHSearch&Win’s newest intern!

Kevin’s a second year graduate student at Hofstra University, hailing from a small town in the south of China! It absolutely begs the question, what brought him to PCH? According to Kevin, he found out about PCH when a current employee (and Hofstra alum) came to his online marketing class. It was the first he’d heard about it, but it certainly wasn’t the last!  As you know, we love it so much here, we tend to shout it from the rooftops! “I kept hearing from a lot of people who work here. It made me feel like this is a great company for a marketing major…and it is!” Kevin states.

Now, his days are spent deep in spreadsheets crunching numbers & performing analyses, but that was hardly the case on his first day two months ago. “I was extremely nervous,” Kevin recounts. “Min Min took me to meet 4 groups of people (about 20 people).  I didn’t prepare for that!” It’s true that there are plenty of PCHers to meet and greet, but we’re really like one big family! In fact, when asked about his favorite thing at PCH, Kevin replied “The people here. It has been so much fun to work and learn with them every day.” And I can certainly agree with that! PCHers are definitely the best around.

So, you may be wondering what does someone who works at PCHSearch&Win search for ON PCHSearch&Win? Although he’s ineligible to win any prizes as a PCH employee (it’s one of the roughest burdens we PCHers bear), Kevin happily admits that he’ll pop by Edwin’s home sweet home to search for basketball tickets to see his favorite team, the Chicago Bulls. In fact, in his spare time he loves playing basketball and practicing karate. Note to self: never upset Kevin!

There you have it searchers…a little behind the scenes with one of our own! Like what you read? Say “Hi” to Kevin in the comments below!

Sarah S.

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10 thoughts on “Interview with Kevin…the Newest Member of PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. rebecca wolf says:

    Wish u n your pch team the best n pray that every ones easter will be a great one thanks for being good people and thinking of others n giving people a chance to have good things to come in to their lifes n for us that don’t win the good dreams of winning is nice too happy easter every one

  2. rebecca wolf says:

    Welcome kevin will you go on trips with the pch crew ? Wish you the best and hope you love doing this its great to bring joy n happyness to others have your self a great day

  3. rebecca wolf says:

    Welcome KKevin to the phc its a gd thing that you all do giving people chances to win n as well as gd dreams to sleep on dreamming it could be them one day hope you like doing this sure you will I love to see n makke people happy myself best wishes to you Kevin James

  4. Natasha Davis says:

    Good morning Sarah and nice to meet you Kevin, even though this blog is old, it is new to me lol =)… and congrats on your position and many more blessings. I am in it to win it and never giving up… THanks PCH woohoo =)

  5. KEVIN RODNEY says:


  6. Linda Laster-Bivens says:

    Hi there and congrats on the job- must be a great place to work and are you having “culture shock”? if you could answer a question for me, I am looking to find out about the giveaway 2764 (the sweepstakes on the instant win page) can you help with that? How many have won and is there a previous winners list? just curious about how these work. Thanks

  7. Linda King says:

    Congratulations Kevin, You truly are blessed! I bet it would be the best place to work. I hope you have a wonderful Happy New Year!

  8. Michaela G. says:

    Just want to say hello and to welcome Kevin C., to PCH!!! I really hope Kevin has a wonderful experience at PCH!!! And thank you Sarah S. for introducing Kevin C. to all of us!!! Good luck Kevin C. on your new job with PCH!!!!

  9. Yvonne James says:

    Hi Kevin, CONGRATULATIONS on your new job! I hope u enjoy your self & great personal wishes for the New Year 2013 !!

  10. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi! Hello Kevin, I’m glad to get to know PCH employees. Holidays are a bit busy, sorry so short but I need to get in my entries and it’s been a long day. I hope you enjoy your work at PCH!

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