Win “Forever” Publishers Clearing House TV Commercials On Air!

Even before I wrote for Publishers Clearing House, I loved watching the winning reactions of the prize winners on the PCH TV Commercials. Their happiness was palpable! That’s why I was so pleased when, as an employee, I was able to preview the latest round of TV commercials for the $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize featuring many of our past sweepstakes prize winners!

Since you’re a blog reader, you don’t have to wait to catch the commercials on television either. You’re invited to preview our latest commercial right here, RIGHT NOW!


Just try to resist imagining what your own reaction might be if you answered a knock at your front door only to find Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol holding that famous Big Check with your name on it!

Actually DON’T try to resist! It happened to these prize winners and it can happen to you, too! Winners from all across the country have received life-changing fortunes thanks to Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. Plus, there are so many ways to enter. Here at PCHSearch&Win, your first daily search enters you for a big PCH SuperPrize. All you have to do is perform searches on the internet like you always do. Powered by the best search engines on the web, Google and Yahoo, you not only get great search results from PCHSearch&Win, you also put yourself in the running for some amazing prizes including a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize of $5,000 A Week “Forever” on February 28th!

Can you imagine? A simple search could ultimately lead to you winning $5,000 A Week “Forever”! If you win, you would receive payments of $5,000 a week for life, then after that, those payments would continue on to someone you choose for their life.

So, if you haven’t already, watch our latest TV Commercials above. Like me, I’m sure you’ll find it hard not to smile when you see the montage of reactions that range in everything from falling to the ground to jumping in the air.

And who knows? Start searching and maybe the next jumping-for-joy prize winner will be YOU!

Best of luck,

Kate M.

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