Need A Vacation? Use PCHSearch To Plan Perfect Winter Getaway!


Hey Searchers!

Well, we are well into January and winter is just starting to sink in. While I’m keeping in mind that the days are, in fact, getting longer now – albeit, not fast enough! – the cold is still just as biting here in New York. In this area, winter has been somewhat kind to us, thus far (knock on wood), and we even enjoyed a very pleasant near-60 degree day this week. Not bad, Old Man Winter…not bad!

Even so, finicky ol’ winter will be us for another few weeks, and on the off-chance that Punxsutawney Phil will predict a shortened winter season, we still have at least another month to go. So, when the cold starts to bite, and your trembling, chapped lips utter the words, “I need a vacation!” where does your mind start to wander? To a tropical beach, perched between two swaying palm trees, overlooking turquoise seas? Perhaps you love the cold, but still want to have a fun winter getaway, maybe even hit the slopes and work the Black Diamond like a pro!


Whichever your preference, a cool (or hot!) winter getaway requires a little bit of planning. Where to stay, when to go, what to do…hotels, flight, excursions…there’s a lot to think about! Luckily, you can do ALL of your winter getaway planning using PCHSearch&Win! Take the power of Google and Yahoo! and the chance to win cool instant prizes or cash – not to mention an automatic entry into the PCH sweepstakes. Talk about multi-tasking!

Find your perfect place to stay – whether it be a pool-side venue or a mountain-side log cabin – all by using PCHSearch!

So, PCHSearch&Win fans, if you need a vacation like I do, get searching! And maybe when you do, you’ll even win some cash from PCHSearch to help you pay for the vacation!

Good luck!

Jussie Wilder


P.S. Where would YOU head off to for a fun winter getaway?

18 thoughts on “Need A Vacation? Use PCHSearch To Plan Perfect Winter Getaway!”

  1. says:

    Yes win 10,000.00 For Vacation

  2. Go on A Cruise ship to Disney World

  3. carla m Antee says:

    Yes win 10,000.00 For Vacation for a vacation instantly

  4. Carla Michelle Antee says:

    How wonderful thanks

  5. Joanne Cruz says:

    San Diego California!

  6. Shelley McCullough says:

    Any place would be wonderful.

  7. Joyce Strome says:

    I have not ever had a nice vacation I have dream about it but it was only in my dreams money has keep me from doing so much that would have been nice to do or go places, J-S.

  8. Joyce Strome says:

    I would like to have a vacation one that I have not ever had not ever had the money to take a vacation my first Husband and I we had 5 kids all were small 5 kids in 4 years that was close so we did have the money to do nothing but feed and take of our children we were together for 42 years he passed away with lung cancer in 202 so after 2 years I married this man I am with now we been married for 9 years what a good and sweet man I went to Reno with him he had a meeting out there he is in the Lions I had that plane ride that I have not ever had before and I was scared to death but I don’t like to fly see when you have not ever had a vacation please don’t let the first one be in a darn plane that was not a vacation it was a meeting he had to go to but I did not think I would make it back home I was scared so bad that pilot was not right or me one but yes I can take a vacation where we can drive or wake up and smell the coffee and might slip back on a plane again I just don’t know until the time comes J-S.

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