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Hey Searchers,

When it comes to making a difference, there is no such thing as “big” or “small.” Making a difference is perhaps the one thing in life that you cannot measure or quantify. Kindness and generosity are not merely commodities, and they can be displayed by acts as simple as holding the door  for someone behind you or helping someone whose car is broken down on the side of the road.

It’s easy to make a difference in someone’s life and there is immense truth behind the notion that one act of kindness begets another and so on and so forth. Surely, you can name two or three historical figures whose acclaim includes changing lives for the better. And PCHSearch&Win can certainly help you find out more about them!

But rest assured, you don’t have to be well-known or famous to make a difference in someone’s life — and just because your act of courage, kindness or braveness doesn’t get documented in history books, does not mean that your actions go unnoticed.

You may be asking yourself how you can make a difference. There are so many ways to become a positive force in someone’s life – small changes ripple outward, for sure. After doing a quick search on PCHSearch&Win, I came across a few, easy ways to make a difference:

Mentor at-risk kids

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Pick up trash

Cook a meal for an elderly neighbor

Donate blood

Encourage someone to go for their dreams

Teach someone a new language

Lastly, has someone make a difference in your life? Tell them about it! A well thought out letter can be worth its weight in gold.

When was the last time someone made a difference in your life? When was the last time YOU made a difference in someone’s life? Tell us comments in the below.

Good luck!

Jussie Wilder

11 thoughts on “YOU Can Make A Difference — PCHSearch&Win Can Help!”

  1. i’m near the breaking point of chaving to claim bankrutcy. if that happens i’ll lose my home and car. i have no where to go . if i don’t win in november , you will be forceing a 74yr. old lady out of her home and i will be homeless.!!!!!!

  2. i keep searching to win the super prize but don’t seem to get anywhere . what am i doing wrong? i’m in dire need to win. i’m 74, retired and living on a very low social security income and now paying most all things on credit cards. i’m so deep in debt i’ll be pay on credit cards until i die. i would like to enjoy some of my retirement some time, but at this rate i won’t be able to.

  3. Louise Zielinski says:

    I am a newly retired Registered nurse and have found myself reflecting back over my past 40 year career as nurse. I have many wonderful as well as heartbreaking memories.
    One of the most endearing memories as an act of kindness toward myself as a student nurse was during my cardiac rotation.
    I was scared to be put on the cardiac floor learning to take care of some very ill patient’s. My first day there I was assigned to a patient in a ward and my patient said to me, “I have chest pain.” Next thing I knew I noticed there was a maintenance man who was quietly mopping the floor and he started whispering the appropriate questions I should ask the patient to decipher what was actually going on with him. I quickly went to my professor with all the information I had gathered and reported all my objective and subjective findings. My nursing professor was very impressed and I have always been so very grateful to that kind, wise maintenance man who shared his experience and knowledge he had gained from being in that environment for many years! That gentleman showed me a true act of kindness. I went back to thank him for what he had done but he was gone and I never saw him again. Curiously in my career, I was employed by two very prominent cardiac practices. That had it’s beginning on a cardiac ward and a guided learning experience from that maintenance man!
    Thank you, whomever you are and thank you for making such a difference in my life!
    I wish I could have thanked him but I have a suspicion he knew exactly what he had done and how much it meant to me.

  4. valeria Sanchez says:

    What make difference?

    Its you who make a different in what you today tomorrow ,if you could win pchsearch, then asked.yourself? What would you do with money, its in my opinion, I would like help and make different. I know that I am just one person. But,who state that leader who knows that power is not all that. I know what life is if you could change what would it be? If could share what I could offer I would know is to all.I know that its important to share ,I can’t to see the love I have to offer.
    I hope one day my children will that there is here to show that the world is what you make it out what you want to see. I want to see a better today,and tomorrow.

  5. Patricia Lee says:

    We were put on this earth to help one another. More people should do this ,but if you don’t finacial funds to do that with you help in other ways. God Bless us all

  6. amed nelson says:

    Amed nelson= AN

    I have a dream !

  7. Jenny Lee says:

    I want to mention that God loves a cheerful giver. What matters is that it comes from the heart.

  8. Curtis Martin says:

    I love this post. Because of hearing so much about charities wasting money and not using the money for it’s intended purpose, including the two I use to donate to, I stopped donating money and started doing acts of kindness myself to those in my neighborhood or whomever I came across this was in need.

    Whenever a person ask me for money for food, I tell them “I can’t give you money but I can buy you something to eat.” That’s how I weed out those who are really hungry for “food.”

    When I was working, I use to buy five winter coats each year for kids I saw on a regular basis outside without a winter coat. Last winter I was only able to buy two. This winter, so far, I sadly struggled to buy my own son all he needed to stay warm.

    So far this winter I’ve helped two people free their car from the snow at no charge. And Just today I had a talk with two of my much younger cousins about how to cut unnecessary dead weight from their lives because they’re both stressed out and came to me for advice.

    This month I decided to start my own Non-profit organization called, “Green Renewable Energy is Earth’s Nature” -GREEN. My organization will focus on helping people “save money” on electric, gas, heat and water. I hope and prey it’s a success. I want it to be as big as the American Cancer Society, because wasting energies, polluting our environment, and wasting money is like a cancer that literally affects every living thing, including Earth.

  9. Hello pch my name suzanne everyone knows me here canton mayor my neighbors my church I have volunteered for food shelters cooked for homeless pass out clothing to the needy I’ve helped family who list everything infire get help family lost everything I gave this family my own furniture cause they had none I gave them beds clothing I given them rides to school stores and had my own pastor stop in knowbidy knife it but I myself am going through slot testing see if I have cancer and test after test but also my house is in forcloser soon been back, forth to akron die my son with special needs cause he almost died due too two doc telling me he had strewth throat when he had his lungs full 4he’s passed shawn was running on astragalus to win gold nevsky for special olympics sunday went swimming monday too doc and mystics he had strewth throat in fact rushed him to er one hospital than in ambulance to akron childers he stop breathing I’m running down hallway there saving shawna life my going back forth hospital killed me in picket book gas car repairs I just couldn’t give up than at the same time water pouring through house from a roof that didn’t get repairs right so 10.000 damage but lets go back to me helping others the say my dig jack got out of house there girls had I’ve cream cube they we’re digging in my front yard my dig jack went out door why cause ny mon fell over at my brothers house I ran go out door my dog ran behind me but the girl so they say so the family sewed me two claims in less than 4months sort I had to remove my handicap sons dog at the same time he was dying in hospital so you see I gave up I help everyone now knowbodys there for me not even my pastor I can’t get a loan tbrough my bank I can’t cause if one credit knowbody knows who I am the family I helped out us doing fine now I barely hear from them everyone thinks I’m crazy I am on pch search win they don’t believer me I’m going win I’ve giving so much if you talk to wal-mart diane manager shell tell you how eugenol in my community my daughters school clarendon elementary I get bookbinder for kids don’t have them or I help with that someone evil doesn’t have christmas I’m a volunteer for special olympics for years do you see pch I deserve to win I need help knowbody knows me now I’m out if money even my own family has ignored me I’m about to loose my home my own brother won’t help me cause he says I don’t own it my ceilings falling in living room cause of my sons turtle tank cracked I have tarp on roof cause I don’t want file insurance claim I list my dog now my house and all my gerunds who say they we’re my gerunds its not fair I used to be niece and my wrist us damage by doctor who didn’t fix my arm rt I’m in perm dissability my garters over with my bills are behind there months haven’t payed mortgage since nov I’ve given yes I have but does anybody believe me when I say that trucks conning no my daughter shelby does she even gas her wish list lol my wish list is save the house I’ve even called hud housing cause in going to be homeless soon thank you pch I’m not giving up

  10. WOODS DINA says:

    Good Morning….years ago,I started a job working a plant,even though I was blessed to have a job,I was unhappy being there…and I showed it in my face,frowning,bad attitude.I met a “young Lady”that always came to work with a smile,pleasant word,the pride in her work….I watched her,I wanted what she had.So,I talked to her and she was so humbled to have a job,in a slagging economy.She was truely appreciative of being able to help her family…..she knew that there were “many” who would love to be in her shoes.I begin thinking of my selfishness,I was blessed!I have the ability to make a difference.So I began working on changing me,by changing me…others were watching me,they began changing…it’s contagious.The work place become more pleasant place to be.We began looking out for each other,helping one another.This even filters outsed the work place,to helping and being kind to being kind to people we see and don’t know.

    1. Way to go Dina,if more people thought and did like you,it would be a much better environment all around. Thank You Sincerely, JOWELL HEWITT

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