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  1. Please publish comment I corrected spelling in comment posted.at.12:03

  2. I GIVE CLOTHES AND WOULD BE MOTIVATED TO DO MORE,IF AND WHEN I COULD JUST COME OUT OF HOMELESS STATUS ON 2013!!! Wish I KNEW WHAT I KNOW NOW ABOUT LIFE to be able to be in a much better postion in life,for my family as well as myself in a elderly housing program due to health issues,just finding out about them after 60 years of my life,hope i do not loose housing program can not focus on a part time job,just adjusting from off and on homelessness,got tired living finding my way with no stable place to stay, hope I will be next winner to live and give and to start my latter life with some type of Legacy,so my children and their children not be continuing into poverty struggle, hoping not to become.homeless.as I did!!!!! Hope I too can be able to tell the WORLD PCH IS NOT.A SCAM!!!!!! BUT AN ORGANIZATION THAT brings out the.GREAT I AM ,I.AM I.AM !!!!!!!!!!!CHOW.AND GOOD NIGHT STAYING AT PEACE JOYFUL CONTINUING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AND REWARDING TO ALL WHO BELIEVE IN REAL DREAMS.DO.COME.TRUE TO.ALL OF US IN GOD.WE.TRUST !!!!!!!!!!!!!MY DREAM TO COME.TRUE.!!!!!!! PLEASE ENTER MY ID.02301301350,15p16007 w=30=101

  3. wanda lynn johnson says:

    Wanda L.Johnson…I thankfull for GOD who forgives us,for our mastakes.I wish people were as forgiving.I also want to thank my GOD,husband,family & friends.They are always there when need them.I enjoy helping them when I can.GOD BLESS YOU

  4. sue williams says:

    dont ever invite someone that say’s there from pch and they want to be your friend on facebook they get you to defriend them and then they say your a winner but all you have to do is get a walmart green dot card and put money on it /these people are scam’s please be careful

  5. joanne walker says:

    I am so greatfull to have my health and strengh. I thank god to have healthie grandson is a joy in my life. My son is grate.12 grade this and that is a blessing.


    this was fun findinfg Double Entery

  7. I would like to donate scholarships to 30 at risk kids, so they can graduate from high school, using MARTINIAMINC Curriculum program.

  8. vickie hartzell says:

    Im a blessed woman not because fame or welth.But for the beautiful chrildren GOD has given me love; to teach; to watch them grow in His gloy.I have 2 wanderful sons whose respectable:honest;and handsome whom i love dearly.Also I have a very special daughter Jhyla V eLynn my baby is 11 yrs old.Im 49 and have raised my children on my own with the grace of God.anyway tonight im donating my love to my daughter..Shes always there to encouage me to keep marching on.Looking for a brighter future ..love you Jhy..from your mommie

  9. vickie hartzell says:

    im thankful for my 3 wanderful children..2 sons whom im very proud of.also my beautiful 11 year old daughter jhyla velynn..she has been beside me all the way..its me n jhy and not to say im 49 years young.lol she has made me more determand more reasons to smile and give GOD praise for each day ..i have R/A sometimes cannot get out of bed .SHe always there saying get up moma you can do it..so today i donate my love to my specail baby jhy..GOD Blesses also love all my grandbabies too..im a very blessed woman

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