Behind The Scenes At The PCHSearch&Win Lunch & Learn!


Hi Searchers,

I’d love to tell you all about a fun event I just attended here at PCH. With so many people in so many different departments, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what different teams are up to. That’s why, every few weeks, our company hosts a “Lunch & Learn” for us employees. It’s a great chance for different departments to showcase their work for the rest of the company. Food for thought is good … but a pizza party is even better, so the meeting ends with everyone meeting in the cafeteria to chow down.

This week’s Lunch & Learn was centered around our very own PCHSearch&Win! Today, our colleagues received a behind-the-scenes look at all the work and planning that the PCHSearch&Win team puts into to making such a special part of PCH. Much of the presentation revolved around the team’s highest priority: reaching our searchers!

Christine from Marketing kicked it off by sharing the history of PCHSearch&Win. Did you know that our origins come from a site called that was acquired by PCH back in 2006? She also presented an overview about this year’s goals and how our search engine achieves such excellent results for our searchers all while making them eligible to win amazing instant prizes and gain entries for PCH Sweepstakes.

Then, Edwin’s biggest fan, Danielle B. spoke with great enthusiasm about what the team hopes to bring to its email campaign in the upcoming year and the plans in place to keep delivering top-notch services and prizes to our searchers.


Next, Patricia, our operations expert (aka “the duchess of delivery”), took the microphone and gave everyone an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes to make sure our important messages reach our members’ inboxes!

Now it was Chris’s turn to head to the podium and provide some interesting tech information on how things work on the backend to ensure we’re always up and running for our searchers.

Of course, a PCHSearch&Win presentation would not be complete without prizes! Danielle took the reins once again to challenge the crowd with a few trivia questions (just to make sure they were paying attention.)  The prizes? Mouse pads featuring our beloved Edwin!


Then we headed off to the cafeteria for a pizza party, compliments of PCH! We may not be eligible for the big money prizes offered to our searchers, but the Lunch & Learn turned out to be a real win-win for everyone!

Best of luck,

Kate M.

20 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes At The PCHSearch&Win Lunch & Learn!”

  1. kenneth king says:

    I would like to win #4900 $7,000.00 a week for life plus the superprize #3577 $1,000,000.00 to win

  2. lonniebrown says:

    I want to win and I would buy you some lunch

  3. ethankcarla m Antee For Life myk says:

    Buy me some Lunch

  4. Carla Michelle Antee says:

    Search and win with edmin.owl

  5. Elizabeth Schad says:

    One suggestion, if I may, please don’t tell me to only search for things that I am really interested in. That is offensive, as why would I waste my time searching for something that I am not interested in?! Thanks.

  6. Elizabeth Schad says:

    Search and Win has been performing much more successfully lately. Thank you. For a long time I was unable to get satisfactory search material, but now it is my “Go to” search engine. Also, I am grateful that it is working so well with my Norton. Thanks !

  7. Carla M Antee says:

    How exciting

  8. Evette Naftaly says:

    I want to win bubbles witch or lottory both
    Thank u Evette Naftaly the bless fo r pch and smile and happy a new
    Year be good for pch

  9. Evette Naftaly says:

    I want to win bubbles witch or lottory both
    Thank u Evette Naftaly the bless fo r pch and smile and happy a new
    Year be good for pch

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