122 thoughts on “SW_2_6_1”

  1. Gwen Moncada says:

    This is a big opportunity for everyone to buckle down and try and win this remarkable entry of 5000 a week for life. As Frank Sinatra Put yours dreams away to WIN.

  2. Jesus Padron says:

    PCH Giveaway No. 5325
    Jesus Padron says:

    July 27, 2015 at 10:58 am

    I been out of work for over 8yrs, have not been able to fine a job, only income coming in is my wife’s, which barely gets us by, we are losing our home, since we cannot afford the payments anymore & Insurance on the home, the bank has found another buyer & are set to move in on 09/04/2015, if we would be lucky to win, this would definitely help us out to find another home we could afford, I ‘am a Veteran & been diagnose with PTSD & Asbestos in my lung, so this would definitely help us out allot, every year we file our taxes in April, the IRS take almost half of our Tax Return to pay off the VA Hospital for Medicine & Doctor’s appointments, so we can’t seem to be able to get head, from 1yr to the next. hopefully, if we are lucky enough in winning this money, maybe next year we can go on a vacation, somewhere?????

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