118 thoughts on “SW_2_6_1”

  1. Todd Raisch says:

    Good Afternoon PRIZE PATROL”I WANT TO WIN IT ALL EVENT” I Must have the Cash for life and the lives of my wife and Family, not to mention that donations, I would really appreciate it if I would be able to leave this place and go FISHING with my Family and have a nice HOME to Secure Financial Freedom and spend time with my Kids and Grandchildren.I PRAY FOR THESE THINGS ALL THE TIME AND I HAVE HEARD THAT DREAMS AND PRAYERS COME TRUE AT P C H SWEEPSTAKES.

  2. Ricky ESTEP says:

    My youngest daughter is a micro biologist and I want the best for her. S.W.2.6.1.

  3. Ricky ESTEP says:

    I would like to WIN it all for my family and a house for my little lady and myself. I’m a 59year old disabled veteran and want to help my family while I can and this will do it.

  4. Joyce Zack says:

    Greetings, from the Panhandle of Oklahoma! I Totally enjoy searching the PCH and FrontPage Web daily! Yes! I am in it to “Win It All” June 30, 2015! This win will be very humbling, a blessing, as well as an honor to represent this great organization! Thank-you, so much for this golden opportunity event!

  5. Steven Aviles says:

    Thanks PCH every day that I’ve been playing lotto card blackjack and searching at search&win I’m really enjoying myself and sure I would love to win & become a millionaire a and show all my relatives and so called friends who think that I’m waisting my time that good things do happen when you follow directions cause I believe I could search&Win this June 30,2015 thanksPCH

  6. iWant to win June 30 I want to win PCH pI Want io be your big Winner

  7. Hope to win for my Grands’ future☺️!

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